Mr Sharp at no time have I said the current President was to blame for the virus. Many, many people have said the current President is not getting the job done. Most prominent among them are NY Gov (D) and the MD Gov (R). Documents have proven the current President was briefed on the viru…

Mr Sharp truth telling isn’t really a priority to some people to others it is. In my opinion, conservatives don’t like her because she presents fact based reporting. Facts aren’t always happy talk.

Like calling names ?

Mr Sharp I’m glad you clarified it is only your opinion as essentially all healthcare and infectious disease experts disagree. Additionally, your admission the current president was caught off guard is refreshing. Perhaps if he had paid closer attention to briefings he received in late De…

You mean the one’s they don’t agree with or criticize their organization.

Mr Sharp I have to ask. What are you basing this opinion on ? Thanks

“As of this writing the total deaths in the U.S. are less than 4400, many believe these deaths will slow down long before we get to anywhere near the hundreds of thousands of deaths many are predicting.”

Happy birthday truth teller !!!!!!

Keith and there’s so many more. The irresponsible propagandists like the 3 mentioned are a threat to public health. It’s sad they will anything regardless of the consequences to protect/cover up for the President and Falwell. Shame is nowhere near a strong enough word and I doubt they are…

In my opinion, the post Disgraceful and irresponsible. One example.

“Until the deaths pass 60,000 Americans shouldn’t even notice, it happens every year from the common flu and no one even blinks. Most people don’t even get a flu shot.”

Monitor this should be deleted. It is a danger to public health.

Howard Sharp Mar 31, 2020 4:04pm

Dave I realize you believe everything the lying fake media tells you but those lies get in the way of facts.

This virus didn’t even exist on this Earth a little over three m…

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