Michael LeVan

That cartoon portrays exactly what we are being fed daily by the lame stream media.

If you want help with that deer problem you have at home please let me know. I would be happy to help with that.

Dave, the VSG is back, LOL.

I missed your post at 11:41 Keith. But in all honesty, there are too many posts in this thread.

Well I see Keith came out to spread his brand of Holier Than Thou hatred but refused to address the fact that anyone that watched the much televised debate this week cannot run and hide from the fact that the demorats are very loudly saying they want to take away guns. Amazingly, the only…

Keith, are you still standing by your claim that nobody wants to take away people's guns? Kind of hard to hide under that rock today.

Can I get an Amen on that LTE today?

Because it was fake news and the story has been yanked.

Walter, I see you are going by the name Elizabeth these days. Is there a connection?

Over 400,000 rapes or sexual assaults in the country every year. Liberal solution? All males need to be castrated.

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