Keith Franklin

Good catch Mr. Wiegand. That which we assume is obvious becomes clouded in the minds of the obsessed. Oh, and BTW, did you see the report about the widening income gap between the average Democrat and the average republican. Democrats now earn an average of 8k more per year than their rep…

Mr. Wiegand,

I'm going to see if Mr Anderson will add a grenade emoticon for your comments.[beam]

And now prepare yourself for a wave of spin, whine, distraction, and chest thumping from there distraught.

Ms. Rosin:

Thank you for your service. Been there, didn't do it, folks like you were part of the solution. I try to be part of the solution for others now. Why some get out and others don't only God knows. I hope you read the comments today and know there is another person your ef…

But then again, the line between being a women and children democrat and a gun control democrat has blurred:

Again, gun control is not my primary cause, however, I can't help but be tickled at the desperate posts by the gun, gunners. The gun control crowd has won in the all important court of opinion, retailers ignoring the pro gun lobby are simply the latest manifestation of the wasting disease…

Mr. Levan:

I do, however, see a direction connection between integrity and the ability to own up to one's error without qualification.

I love it, when confronted with the facts, the kids scream la, la, la, la, and change the subject. 😂😂😂

May 3, 1994

To Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

We are writing to urge your support for a ban on the domestic manufacture of military-style assault weapons. This is a matter of vital importance to the public safety. Although assualt weapons a…

Mr. Howard:

The reality. Period.

Fox News (conservative) poll showed that 67 percent supported banning assault-style rifles,

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