Howard Sharp

Howard Sharp

David And as they said down below, those scary black rifles make men all hostile and aggressive, it makes them want to kill everything in sight.

Just picking one up arouses their primal instincts and they instantly turn into savages like Rambo, all because these black rifles look …

Howard Sharp

Liberals and the media are in an uproar about “assault weapons”. What other item on this Earth that is used incorrectly three or four times a year out of many, many millions does anyone want to ban?

Howard Sharp

Keith, If you did own the firearms that you say you do you would know that the removable box that holds the ammunition is called a “magazine” not a clip. A clip organizes cartridges in an order that can be fed into a magazine. A clip feeds some magazines and a magazine feeds a firearm. Li…

Howard Sharp

Carl and Keith, here is some of your fake news.

No testosterone at all, they are all women and they love their AR’s

Even this short little piece is full of misinformation.

The military M16 was developed from the AR-15 not the other way around.

The Las Vegas…

Howard Sharp

Keith, I said they were fun to shoot. As far as getting all hot and bothered by holding a rifle, I believe that is reserved for city dwellers that lost their man card long ago and like to preach their own brand of gospel.

Shooting a 300 Weatherby Magnum that is so loud even ear pl…

Howard Sharp

Carl I can understand your twisted way of thinking because the liberal media has fed it to you this way and you believe them.

I have shot several modern sporting rifles and they are fun to shoot, at targets. You can’t use them to hunt deer because they are legally too small. Even …

Howard Sharp

China is starting to crumble, they caved on pork and soybeans. Funny thing it seems China needs to eat.

The liberal call for doom, gloom and recession is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

The stock markets are within a tiny fraction of all time record highs AGAIN.


Howard Sharp

Walter, The fact that you don’t understand current events doesn't mean I am going to try to educate you.

Either you didn’t watch last nights debate or you don’t remember what they said, that is not my problem.

You can’t even accurately quote what I wrote and it is right in…

Howard Sharp

Dave you ask my point? I am not sure what part you don’t understand.

They don’t just want “military style weapons”.

Liberals want to confiscate many kinds and types of firearms from millions of law abiding citizens with the goal of making us “safer” from the very few peopl…

Howard Sharp

Walter, you must not know much about firearms and you have not been paying attention to the liberal gun grabbers.

Military rifles are the flavor of the week but “semi-automatic” is the term that most liberal gun grabbers use. Any weapon capable of holding a large capacity, removab…

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