David Howard

Was that your favorite prison game?

The most crime ridden areas of the country are all democrat controlled cities with strict gun laws. You cant have nice things when democrats are in charge.

Agreed. Banning ARs wont save a single life just like banning straws wont save the planet. Liberals are like sheep. Give them a boogeyman and they hide in the corner in terror. Take every single one of them on the planet. They are not military style. Know what is used by our military for …

They arent going to ban anything. It's all talk. If liberals were as smart as they pretend to be, they would have banned murder in Chicago, poverty in Baltimore and feces in San Francisco. It's all talk. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

I never said they were.

Liberals: we need to ban the AR-15 because it's a weapon of war.

Liberals: You cant use an AR-15 to deer hunt because it isnt powerful enough.

Liberals: Your AR-15 isnt powerful enough to stand up to the government with its tanks and fighters.

Liberals: We should b…

Calling for banning guns simply because of their appearance or how they make someone feel makes absolutely no sense at all. Calling for a ban on high capacity mags because no one needs one to hunt with is super silly. The 2nd amendment wasnt written for hunting purposes. Sorry silly liber…

73% of black kids are born to single parents, 38% of black kids live in poverty, 36% of black kids are aborted. 40% of blacks get government assistance. All caused by Democrat programs.

5.5% black unemployment rate right now. An historical low. If Trump and his supporters…

As we have seen in Chicago and Baltimore, their ideas don’t work. My guess is they would like to make the entire country a third world country so that everyone depends on them for a handout.

Agreed. It's also funny to see what the democrat candidates think of the American people. They think that the American people are dogs who will do certain tricks for a free treat. And some of them will. Here boy! Here boy! Roll over! Sit! Lay down! Good boy!! Have a treat!

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