Taylor Fulcher

Taylor Fulcher, the 2018 The News & Advance's All-Area Girls Soccer Player of the Year.

Q: You’ve had a ton of accomplishments and throughout your career, but is there one that stands out to you?

A: Definitely getting to the state championship. That just really pops out to me, because Appomattox is such a small town, and you don’t hear anything about soccer, usually.

Q: How important in the community was it for girls soccer to make it to the state championship?

A: It was huge, because girls soccer is not usually very good in Appomattox. So this year we had an awesome team and did really good this season.

Q: How do you think you were able to score so many goals?

A: Definitely because of my teammates. They had passes that were just awesome. … I had some good midfielders and wings to pass me [the ball].

Q: You still had to finish off those passes, though. Do you feel like you were able to do that so often because of your talent, or was it you practicing those things?

A: Definitely practice. I play with Abby Ranson and a couple others, and that helps a lot. We have experience playing with each other.

Q: How does travel ball compare to school?

A: I like school ball better, just because of my friends and teammates. [Central Virginia United club soccer] is very competitive. It’s obviously tougher than school, but it’s a good experience to get college-level play.

Q: Throughout the regular season, you guys kind of cruised. Were there any games that were tougher than others, or was it just easy sailing?

A: The regular-season games, it was bad. We blew through teams easily, butI guess Nelson was one of our more competitive games.

Q: Do you remember a game that you particularly enjoyed in the regular season?

A: I mean, I did enjoy the Nelson games because they were more competitive. I don’t like going out there and just whooping a team, because it’s not very interesting, I guess.

Q: Did you like that most of your games were shorter with the slaughter rule, then, or would you have preferred to play more full games?

A: Honestly, I would’ve preferred full games. I like games, and it’s more practice.

Q: Was there a shift in mindset from the regular season, when you only allowed a handful of goals, and the postseason?

A: Definitely. Our defense really had to crack down, and Savannah [Totty], our goalie, she really had to focus and zone in on what she needed to do. … [Through] regionals, state, our defense was amazing, and our goalie, too; she’s amazing.

Q: Was there one particular strength for y’all this season, or was it really about playing well as a team?

A: Definitely a team thing. Without our defense, we wouldn’t have been able to not get scored on, and our offense, we kept pounding their defense the whole game, and we got through a couple times.

Q: Was the chemistry particularly good, or was there a difference this year compared to the past?

A: I think the chemistry was really good this year. This a group who’s played rec ball together, some [played] travel and school. We’ve played all through middle school and high school together, so we’ve had experience playing together, and that helped a lot.

Q: So how big a factor was that chemistry in your success this year?

A: A lot. You kind of have to know where everybody is and how they play, the style they play to really connect passes and stuff like that, so it really helped.

Q: Do you feel like you’ll be just as strong next year?

A: I think we’ll have to work a little harder, because the seniors did have a big role. Our defensive line is gonna need some switching up, I guess, because we will lose a couple defenders?

Q: Do you look at this year as a success despite not being able to win the state championship?

A: Definitely. I think we pushed as hard as we could. Obviously, the state game, what can you do? But I think we accomplished a lot, and I’m proud of what we did.

Q: How can you improve personally after such a successful season?

A: I do need to work on my shots a little bit more, and just speed. But other than that, I need to keep the same mindset I had this year.

Q: Is there something that you’ll remember from this year that you would continue to tell stories about?

A: I’ll talk about this forever, probably. We just did amazing.

Q: Do you have a favorite subject?

A: Probably English. It just comes naturally to me. Math, not so much, but with English I can just kind of cruise by.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

A: Probably “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: That’s tough. I like a lot of food. Probably spaghetti with meat sauce.

Q: In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

A: Definitely fishing. I love to go fishing. Any time I can go, I’m going fishing.

Q: If you could give another athlete one piece of advice, what would you say?

A: [When it comes to being on a team], definitely don’t let others bring you down. … There definitely is going to be controversy, but you just need to work through it and work as a team.

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