Q: It was another special season at Brookville. What were your impressions of it?

A: “I thought this was the best season so far, from my freshman to junior year, and just because we were all so close with our team chemistry. We all worked together toward our potential. We hit our peak right at the end of the season to be where we needed to be and I think we all played our best and did all we could in our last game. We didn’t like the outcome, but I think we were satisfied with how we played and we were OK with the way it ended.”

Q: You’ve already had a decorated career with plenty of accolades. And this year was special on a personal level. What did it mean to you to become the all-time leading scorer here?

A: “I’ve always had goals for myself since my freshman year. My goal was to get 1,000 points and then after that, reach the highest that I can. I got the scoring record and then my other goal was to get to the state championship. We didn’t get to that, but I’m OK with that because we played our hardest.”

Q: How many hours do you think you spend in the gym in a given week?

A: “Twenty-eight, if you count in-season and out-of-season and Team Loaded [her travel team] in Richmond. … Then I’ll work individually about 2 hours a day.”

Q: What kind of work did you put in the offseason?

A: “I played for Spectrum my freshman season and Team Loaded my sophomore season. I definitely think the intensity and the rigor of that Team Loaded team improved my defense and my ability to play the game.”

Q: This team showcased a number of girls who play multiple sports. What did they bring to the team?

A: “We all have different aspects to the game. Kylie [Stark], she’s great at passing. She has great ball-handling and she can shoot the 3 really well. Megan [Dray] is a good shooter. She rebounds and gets in the post. Chelsie [Moran] can shoot it really well. Everyone knew their roles during the year.”

Q: Winning the region, was that special?

A: “Oh yes. We’ve been trying to get that ever since coach [Warner] Dyke has been here. I think we made history that night. No one else has ever won a region champ for basketball [at BHS]. You can see in some of the pictures, our faces were just so excited.”

Q: Talk about coach Dyke and what he means to this team. He’s put a stamp on this program.

A: “We couldn’t be here without him. He pushes us to our limits in practice. He always lets us know that he’s here for us. He always comments on everything we do. We might not love the comments, but it really pushes us to where we were this season and we were really grateful for that.”

Q: Girls on this team have talked a lot about their team bonding. Do you think that played a role in your success?

A: “Yeah. Basketball is really a team sport. One player can’t determine the entire game. Everyone has to be on. If someone’s down, you have to pick them up. So being around each other a lot really helps.”

Q: What about basketball do you love the most?

A: “My favorite part is when the play is absolutely perfect: When you find the open man and rotate the ball and then you find that man and get that score. When it’s an “and-1,” that’s when you get this rush. That’s what’s amazing.”

Q: Heading into your senior year, what’s the best part of your game and what needs work?

A: “The best part of my game is shooting, I’d say. Team Loaded always tells me to keep shooting. I have the green light. I think I just need to keep working on that.”

Q: One interesting thing about this year was not only your outside shooting but your ability to get into the post and score high-percentage shots. Is that something you’ve worked on?

A: “Ever since I was little, when my dad was varsity boys basketball coach, we’d always work on my post moves. I was taller [than other players] then and I’m kind of, like, average now. So I’ve always had that aspect because he helped me with my post moves.”

Q: What’s your biggest basketball influence. Anybody that you look up?

A: “I look up to a lot of people. All my coaches. Justin Dalton, he’s with Team Loaded. He always says ‘Don’t be satisfied. You’ve got to keep working. You’ve got potential, but you’ve got to keep working toward it.’”

Q: Finish this sentence. In my free time, I like to. …

A: “Well, when I do have free time, I like to hang out with my friends a lot. I think being social is a good thing. We go to movies, hang out at the house, hang out outside and throw the football.”

Q: Brookville has gone to the state tournament in each of the last two seasons. What do you think the future of this program is?

A: “I think we keep improving and doing travel basketball. That will help a lot. You’ve got to stay active in the offseason. If everyone keeps doing that, I think we’ll improve.”

Q: Talk about girls sports at this school right now?

A: “The senior class, my class and a couple classes underneath me, we’ve all played together in rec leagues and travel leagues. That really helps that we’ve all known each other for a really long time. We’ve grown in our athletics together. When we got to high school, it just blossomed.”

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