BLACKSBURG, Va.-- Virginia Tech is looking to bounce back after a tough week one loss to Boston College, as well as avenge last years 49-35 upset loss to Old Dominion.

The two clash Saturday again, but this time a home game for the Hokies, in Blacksburg. Tech comes into the game as a heavy favorite, and will look to get back on the right track. Kickoff is scheduled for noon.

Stay here for updates on the game.

Final: Virginia Tech 31, Old Dominion 17.

Q4, :37: 26 yard rush by ODU is followed by a sack. That'll do it from here as Virginia Tech get's their first win of the season. In contrast, that'll be Old Dominion's first loss. 

Q4, 1:36: A 69 yard punt by Oscar Blackburn goes into the endzone as Old Dominion will have the football on their own 20. They'll need a miracle here.

Q4, 1:49: Old Dominion calls a timeout on defense to stop the clock as fans begin to make their way towards the exits here at Lane Stadium. They sense victory, and conventional wisdom would tend to agree with them.

Q4, 2:35: It's 3rd and 18 for ODU. Smartt's pass was almost picked off by two different Hokie defenders. Now at 4th and 18, the Monarchs could not convert after an incomplete pass to the endzone broken up by Caleb Farley. First down Hokies. That should probably do it.

Q4, 3:30: Holding called against ODU brings the ball back to the 26 after a 14 yard rush by Kesesn Strong. Stone Smartt is back in at quarterback for the Monarchs.

Q4, 4:25: 4th and 3 for ODU on Tech's 35 yard line. They're able to convert for a first down thanks to a 5 yard rush by Messiah deWeaver.

Q4, 5:31: Stone Smartt is hurt on the recent play for ODU after Smartt's 2 yard rush. He's walking off the field with ODU trainers, but on his own power. Messiah deWeaver in at quarterback for the Monarchs.

Q4, 5:42: Another fumble by the Hokies, recovered by ODU's Harrell Blackmon. After the play, an unsportsmanlike penalty goes against Old Dominion. Instead of having the ball on Tech's 25, they'll start the drive on Virginia Tech's 42.

Q4, 6:26: Hendon Hooker was in at quarterback for Ryan Willis. On third and 1, Hooker sneaks the ball for a first down. The Hokies are looking to eat some clock here.

Q4, 7:04: An announced crowd of 57,282 here at Lane Stadium.

Q4, 7:47: Two incomplete passes and a 2 yard rush brings up 4th and 8 for ODU. Big stop by the Hokies on defense there. After a punted fair catch, Virginia Tech will have the ball back on their own 15.

Q4, 8:06: Call on the field is overturned. ODU takes possession after a forced fumble and recovery by Marcus Haynes. 1st and 10 Monarchs.

Q4, 8:06: Ryan Willis is ruled down before the ball pops out on a 13 yard rush, in which ODU recovered. The play is under review, but this could be Old Dominion's ball. Ryan Willis never appeared to touch the ground as when he was being tackled, he was on top of an ODU defender.  

Q4, 8:18: ODU goes for it on 4th down again, but is stopped by the Hokies defense thanks to a sack by Rob Porcher and Jarod Hewitt. Turnover on downs and Tech ball on the 45. Huge stop there by Virginia Tech.

Q4, 10:44: The Hokies defense could not stop Stone Smartt's legs on 4th down. 3 yard rush gives the Monarchs a new set of downs.

Q4, 11:50: Blake Watson's 22 yard return gives ODU the ball on their own 25 to start this drive. How will the Hokies defense respond?

Q4, 11:56: After an illegal substitution penalty against the Hokies, Ryan Willis finds Phil Patterson wide open in the endzone for a touchdown. 3 plays, 17 yards in 1:08 followed by an extra point gives Virginia Tech a 31-17 lead over Old Dominion. That was Willis' 2nd passing touchdown of the game, 3rd overall.

Q4, 13:04: The Hokies just got the boost they needed. a 71 yard kick return by Terius Wheatley gives Virginia Tech excellent field position. First down on ODU's 17 yard line.

Q4, 13:15: Stone Smartt was barely touched as he rushes for 15 yards into the endzone for his second touchdown run of the game. 5 plays 78 yards in an impressive 1:34 drive followed by an extra point means ODU is right back in this game. 24-17 Hokies in what has now turned into a game in Blacksburg.

Q4, 14:07: A 26 yard run by Smartt followed by a 33 yard rush by Kesean Smart means the Monarchs are now in business. They're on Tech's 15.

Q4, 14:49: The Virginia Tech drive stalls, and are forced to punt. A 49 yard punt by Oscar Bradburn brings the ball to ODU's 7. However, an unsportsmanlike call goes against Virginia Tech here, so the Monarchs will now start on their own 22.

End of third quarter: Virginia Tech 24, Old Dominion 10. The Hokies are beginning a drive of their own as they head into the 4th quarter. With 15 minutes left, Tech will look to wrap this up soon. More points on this drive would most definitely help that effort. Let's see if they can tack on.

Q3, 0:44: Ryan Willis' pass to Kaleb Smith for 19 yards brings the ball to VT's 42 yard line. 

Q3, 1:24: Virginia Tech will start on their own 25 yard line after ODU's kick bounces into the endzone.

Q3, 1:24: The ruling on the field stands as called. And after the converted extra point, the Hokies lead has been cut to 24-10. A 10 play, 75 yard drive for the Monarchs.

Q3, 1:24: Stone Smartt took a big hit, but got rewarded with a touchdown on a 3 yard rush. The play is under review, but it looks as if he got in.

Q3, 1:31: Pass interference called against Virginia Tech results in ODU having the ball on the Hokies 3. It's now 1st and goal.

Q3, 2:28: A 25 yard pass from Smartt to Jake Herslow brings the ball to the Hokies 16 yard line. Virginia Tech could use a stop here.

Q3, 4:31: Stone Smartt keeps the football for himself on 3rd down for 11 yards. ODU has a first down and are on Tech's 49 yard line.

Q3, 6:40: ODU will get the ball back on their own 25 yard line. Let's see if the Hokies defense can hold the Monarchs once again.

Q3, 6:40: A keeper up the middle from Ryan Willis for one yard equals another touchdown for Virginia Tech. After the extra point, the Hokies lead the Monarchs 24-3. That was an impressive drive, folks. 12 plays for 93 yards. Note: Wiliss' TD run was his first of the season, 5th as a Hokie.

Q3, 8:46: Deshawn McClease with an impressive 21 yard rush. First down Hokies on ODU's 14.

Q3, 10:27: It was 3rd and 5, but don't tell that to Deshawn McClease as he catches a 9 yard pass by Ryan Willis. First down Hokies.

Q3, 11:55: A beautiful ball down the far sideline to Tre Turner for 32 yards brings the ball to the 39 yard line. Can the Hokies score?

Q3, 12:01: Virginia Tech's defense holds ODU. A 3rd down short pass with 3 yards to go was foiled out by the Hokies defense. Divine Deablo and Jarrod Hewitt on the play for VT. Hokies get the ball back, but on their own 7 yard line.

Q3, 13:30: In what looked to be a three and out for the Hokies defense, they shot themselves in the foot with a defensive pass interference call. First down for ODU on their own 39. Can they capitalize?

Q3, 15:00: ODU will get the ball to start the second half. We're back for 30 more minutes of football. Touchback to start. ODU will have the ball on their own 25.

Halftime: Virginia Tech 17, Old Dominion 3.

The Hokies defense put up a good first half, holding ODU to 70 total yards on offense. The Monarchs went 2 for 6 on third downs as well, another mark Tech can build off of going into the half. Stone Smartt is 4 of 7 passing with 23 yards and was sacked three times.

As for Virginia Tech, Ryan Willis was 11 of 20 for 191 yards and a touchdown pass to Hezekiah Grimsley. Keshawn King had 6 carries for 23 yards, including his first touchdown of the season. As an offense, the Hokies had 238 total yards and 13 first downs, compared to only 5 from ODU. The Monarchs have 3 penalties so far compared to only two from Virginia Tech.

Q2, 0:05: Brian Johnson tries a 54 yard field goal, but the ball goes wide. No good. Old Dominion will get the ball back. They take a knee.

Q2, 0:43: A 14 yard rush by Deshawn McClease brings the ball to ODU's 36 yard line, but the Hokies now face 4th down and 11 yards to go. A second first half timeout was called by VT.

Q2, 1:05: A holding penalty from the Hokies bring the ball back to midfield. Let's see if they can salvage some points to end the half.

Q2, 1:13: Virginia Tech calls their first timeout after Ryan Willis was sacked for a loss of 5 yards by Keion White from ODU.

Q2, 2:10: Another slant pass by Willis to Kaleb Sith for 13 yards. The Hokies are running a hurry up offense and are driving down field.

Q2, 3:12: On third down with 13 yards to go, Ryan Wills throws a slant to Tayvion Robinson for 17 yards to give VT a first down on their own 40. Let's see how they continue the drive here.

Q2, 4:26: A Monarch hop to the Hokies 26 will give the ball back to Virginia Tech. 44 yard punt by ODU.

Q2, 4:38: The Monarchs offense stalls again, and will punt here. 

Q2, 5:17: A touchback results in Old Dominion receiving the football on their own 25 yard line. The Monarchs could use some points here, or this could get out of hand quickly for ODU.

Q2, 5:17: Wow, what an impressive one-handed catch by Hezekiah Grimsley in the corner of the endzone! After an impressive 8 play, 59 yard drive by the Hokies capped off by the touchdown and extra point, the Hokies lead Old Dominion 17-3. 

Q2, 5:41: A 9 yard rush from Ryan Willis give the Hokies first and goal on ODU's 9 yard line.

Q2, 6:57: Four plays later, and a 20 yard pass from Ryan Willis to Phil Patterson helps get the Hokies on ODU's 26.

Q2, 8:05: A 42 yard punt from the Monarchs is fielded at the Hokies' 40 yard line, and after a 1 yard return Tech will begin this drive with good field position. An impressive defensive stop by VT on that last drive.

Q2, 8:55: Jaylen Griffin joins the party and sacks Monarchs quarterback Stone Smartt. Third and 16 for ODU.

Q2, 11:56: The Hokies go three and out, and a fair catch on ODU's own 12 after a 52 yard punt from Oscar Bradburn. First down Monarchs.

Q2, 13:57: A 12 yard sack by Jermaine Walker stalls the Old Dominion drive and the Hokies get the ball back on their own 37. Pretty decent field position here, let's see if the Hokies offense can add on.

End of first quarter: Virginia Tech 10, Old Dominion 3. Overall, a solid performance by the Hokies offense here in the first quarter. Ryan Willis went 5 for 11 with 112 yards to begin the game.

Q1, 1:12: Virginia Tech could not get in the endzone, but a 24 yard field goal by Brian Johnson gives the Hokies a 10-3 lead. The drive: 9 plays for 70 yards.

Q1, 2:24: A beautiful pass from Ryan Willis to Hezekiah Grimsley for 36 yards results in a first and goal for Virginia Tech on ODU's 6 yard line.

Q1, 3:44: A 15 yard penalty and a 20 yard pass from Ryan Willis to Tre Turner has the Hokies moving. They're now on the Monarchs' 44.

Q1, 4:42: The Hokies get the ball back on their own 23 yard line. Let's see if they can get back on the board here.

Q1, 4:47: Virginia Tech's defense holds Old Dominion to a 34 yard field goal by Nick Rice. The Hokies lead the Monarchs 7-3.

Q1, 5:32: The Monarchs could not get a play off on 3rd and 10, so they call their second timeout of the half. The ball is on Tech's 25 yard line.

Q1, 8:07: Old Dominion is on a drive of their own as they're on Tech's 36 yard line. Let's see if the Hokies defense can tighten up here.

Q1, 10:54: The Monarchs call their first timeout of the half. It's 2nd and 3 on their own 42 yard line.

Q1, 11:30: Kick out of bounds by Virginia Tech, giving Old Dominion possession on their 35 yard line.

Q1, 11:30: Touchdown Virginia Tech! An impressive opening drive is capped off by a 4-yard rush by Keshawn King. This is his first touchdown. The drive: 10 plays, 77 yards. Hokies lead the Monarchs 7-0.

Q1, 11:49: Beautiful screen from Willis to James Mitchell for 20 yards. First and goal for the Hokies.

Q1, 12:19: Ruling on the field is confirmed! First down Hokies.

Q1, 12:55: Ryan Willis to Tayvion Robinson for 32 yards and the Hokies are in business. First down on Old Dominion's 24. Previous play is under review. Could be reviewing whether or not Robinson stepped out out bounds early. It's close.

Q1, 13:09: Virginia Tech has two first downs to begin the drive. Keshawn King had back-to-back gains of seven yards or more. Let's see if the Hokies can continue to go down the field. Ball is on their own 44.

Q1, 14:55: The Hokies begin at their own 23.

12:00 P.M.: The Hokies will begin with the football and we're underway here at Lane Stadium.

11:40 A.M.: Four Virginia Tech starters will not play today against Old Dominion. Mike Niziolek has more on that here.

11:30 A.M.: Both the Hokies and Monarchs are in uniform and going through their final on field warmups prior to the game. Fans continue to file in.

11:00 A.M.: Greetings from Lane Stadium, and welcome back to Blacksburg for the 2019 season. Does it feel like football season to you yet?

Well, if it didn't hit you that football was back last weekend, the Hokies are back home in front of their fans and we'll be updating you throughout the game. While only week two, this is a crucial test for Tech on how they'll respond. You can read Mike Niziolek's keys to the game here.

While the stadium isn't projected to be full today, it's shaping up to be a perfect day for football. Temperatures should reach the early 80's as the day progresses. 

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