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Virginia Tech wide receiver Tre Turner (11) is shoved out of bounds by Virginia safety Joey Blount (29) during the first half of an NCAA college football game in Charlottesville, Va., Friday, Nov. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

CHARLOTTESVILLE-- What says the Thanksgiving holiday quite like a major in-state rivalry?

Virginia Tech and Virginia, that's what.

The red-hot Hokies (8-3, 5-2) will look to make it 16 in a row against their top rival, the UVa Cavaliers (8-3, 5-2). On top of the Commonwealth Cup, the ACC Coastal division is up for grabs in this one, with the winner taking on Clemson for the ACC Championship next weekend.

The story all year has been the quarterback play of both Tech's Hendon Hooker, and UVa's Bryce Perkins. Both Perkins and Hooker will look to make a statement today, as both our Tech beat writer Mike Niziolek and UVa beat writer Doug Doughty said prior to Friday's clash.

If you haven't yet, buckle up for this potential classic between the Hokies and Cavaliers.

Final: Virginia 39, Virginia Tech 30. The streak ends at 15.

Q4, 0:15: Hooker finds Tre Turner for a 36-yard completion to the UVa 7. 1st and goal for Virginia Tech.

Tech gets called for an illegal forward pass penalty. 10 second runoff and a loss of down to the 13.

Q4, 0:51: Hooker is sacked by Aaron Faumui for a loss of 9. Tech calls their final timeout of the game.

You can tell the students want nothing more than to run on the field.

Q4, 1:01: Wow! Mandy Alonso strip sacks Hooker and forces the fumble recovered by UVa's Eli Handback for the touchdown! Scott Stadium is feeling it!

Delaney's extra point is no good, but that does not seem to bother the Cavs' sideline. It is now 39-30 Virginia.

Delaney's kick is downed at Tech's 29. Baring anything insane, UVa will end Tech's streak at 15.

Q4, 1:07: Hooker is sacked once again, this time by Matt Gahm for a loss of 9. It'll be 3rd and 21 from the 7. Tech calls their 2nd timeout of the half.

Q4, 1:12: Hooker is brought down for a loss of 2 for a sack by Zane Zandier. Tech will call their 1st timeout of the half.

Q4, 1:22: Deshawn McClease calls a fair catch at the 18. Tech will start from there.

Q4, 1:23: Delaney nails the 48-yard field goal, and UVa regains the lead. It is now 33-30.

The drive: 9 plays for 34 yards in 3:24.

Q4, 1:29: Perkins finds Kelly for 11 yards. It'll be 4th down from the 30. Delaney in to try the long field goal.

Q4, 1:35: UVa calls their 1st timeout of the half. It'll be 3rd and 16 from the Tech 41.

Q4, 2:20: UVa gets called for a holding. 1st and 18 from the Tech 43.

Q4, 2:59: Perkins gets 10 with his feet. 1st down UVa on Tech's 35.

Q4, 4:00: Perkins finds Dubois for a 1st down. Ball is now on Tech's 46.

Q4, 4:47: Noah Taylor picks Hendon Hooker off on 3rd and 19, and the Cavs will have the ball back from their 35. That was thrown right to Taylor.

Q4, 6:21: McClease with the big 21-yard carry. 1st down on UVa's 44.

Q4, 6:54: Back-to-back rushes of 9 and 6 yards give the Hokies a 1st down from the 35.

Q4. 7:29: King returns the kick 19 yards to the Tech 20. 1st down Hokies.

Q4, 7:54: Delaney's 25-yard field goal is good, and we're tied (again) 30-30. Isn't this fun?

The drive: 5 plays for 67 yards in 3:23.

Q4, 8:04: Perkins keeps the ball too long on 3rd and goal and is brought down by Dax Hollifield. It'll be 4th down. Delaney is out to attempt the 25-yard field goal.

Q4, 10:44: Perkins connects with Hasise Dubois for a massive 67-yard gain! 1st and goal Cavs on Tech's 8.

Q4, 10:58: Johnson drills it, and the Hokies regain the lead, 30-27. The drive: 6 plays for 27 yards in 2:32.

Romo's kick goes into the endzone and UVa will start from their 25.

Q4, 11:37: Hooker keeps it on 3rd and 12, but is brought down for no gain. It'll be 4th and 12 from the 29, and Johnson will attempt the 47-yard field goal.

Q4, 12:38: Hooker to Hazelton for 13 yards. 1st down Hokies from the Cavs' 7.

Q4, 13:11: Tre Turner takes the jet sweep for 16 yards and a Tech 1st down to the UVa 40.

Q4, 13:22: Keshawn King returns it for 43 yards from the 1. Tech starts with good field position here.

Q4, 13:30: Wayne Taulapapa rushes it in on 3rd and goal from the 2 for a UVa touchdown. The extra point is good, and we're tied at 27.

The drive: 5 plays for 75 yards in 2:18.

End of 3rd quarter: Virginia Tech 27, Virginia 20. The previous completion to Dubois is under review during the break.

The play will stand. 1st and goal Cavs from the 8.

Q3, 0:10: Perkins to Hasise Dubois for 30 yards and another 1st down for the Cavs. The ball is on the Tech 8.

Q3, 0:38: Perkins completes a beauty to Terell Jana for 37 yards to the Tech 38. 1st down Cavs.

Q3, 0:48: Hooker throws a beauty to Tre Turner for the 61-yard touchdown pass. Johnson's kick is good and the Hokies now lead 27-20.

The drive: 4 plays for 75 yards in 1:36.

Romo's kick goes into the endzone for a touchback. The Cavs have a new set of downs from their 25.

Q3, 1:22: Hendon Hooker gets 6 yards on 3rd and 2. Tech has a 1st down from their 39.

Q3, 2:24: Perkins finds a wide open Billy Kemp for an easy 25-yard touchdown. Delaney's extra point is good, and we are tied at 20.

The drive: 7 plays for 79 yards in 2:18.

Delaney's kick goes out of bounds for the touchback. Virginia Tech will start from their own 25.

Q3, 2:42: Back-to-back 5-yard plays give the Cavs a 1st down from the Tech 25.

Q3, 4:02: Bryce Perkins finds a wide open Joe Reed down the far side for 42 yards. 1st down Cavs on Tech's 35.

Q3, 4:35: Romo's kick goes into the endzone, but Joe Reed only returns it for 21 yards. 1st and 10 Cavs on the 21.

Q3, 4:42: Deshawn McClease gets the 1-yard touchdown run as the Hokies will take their 1st lead of the game. Johnson's extra point is good, and Virginia Tech is up on UVa 20-13.

The drive: 8 plays for 71 yards in 4:22. A pro Hokies chant has erupted inside Scott Stadium.

Q3, 5:16: Tayvion Robinson gets 16 yards on the screen pass. 1st and goal from the 1.

Q3, 5:53: Tre Turner takes the jet sweep for a 1st down on UVa's 17.

Q3, 7:02: Keshawn King gets 10 yards for the Tech 1st down on UVa's 28.

Q3, 7:42: Hooker gains 5 after the 8-yard McClease rush for a 1st down on the Cavs' 38.

Q3, 8:51: Hooker finds Hazelton for a gain of 20. 1st down Hokies on their 49.

Q3, 9:04: Griffin's 35-yard punt is out of bounds at the 29 yard line. 1st down Virginia Tech.

Q3, 9:51: Perkins completes the pass to Joe Reed on 3rd and 7 but is short by 1 yard. Griffin is out to punt for UVa.

Q3, 11:13: Virginia will start on their own 27 after the 39-yard punt is fair caught by Kemp.

Q3, 11:27: Ball is at midfield after the catch by Hazelton from Hooker.

They will review the play. This one's close, but this could be incomplete. It seems as if the ball hit the ground when Hazelton was coming down with it.

Update: the call is overturned. Incomplete pass brings up 4th and 7 from the 33. Bradburn will punt.

Q3, 12:20: Tayvion Robinson is brought down to the 31 after the 54-yard punt. 1st down Hokies.

Q3, 12:30: The Cavs go 3 and out. Griffin will come out to punt.

Q3, 12:52: Hendon Hooker gets in on the action with his legs for the 34-yard touchdown run. Johnson's kick is good, and we're tied at 13.

The drive: 5 plays for 75 yards in 2:08.

Romo's kick goes into the endzone for a touchback and UVa will start from their own 25.

Q3, 13:31: 1st down Hokies on the UVa 34 after 3 positive plays from the Tech offense.

Q3, 14:52: Hooker finds Damon Hazelton wide open for 30 yards on the far side. 1st down Hokies from the UVa 45.

Q3, 15:00: Delaney's kick goes into the endzone, and the Hokies will begin the 2nd half on offense on their 25.

Halftime: Virginia 13, Virginia Tech 6. Hooker gets picked off by Noah Taylor to end the half. That was Hooker's 1st interception on the season.

This definitely feels like a rivalry. Loud building, pushing and shoving between the two teams from time to time, and a packed building.

Perkins is the story on offense for UVa. Well, his legs, anyways. He has 9 carries for 138 yards and 2 touchdowns. Through the air, he's 8 of 16 for 65 yards and an interception.

Hendon Hooker is 9 of 15 for 91 yards and an interception. The Hokies had two 1st and goal opportunities and both resulted in only field goals. 

Both secondaries are playing pretty well up to this point. UVa is leading the turnover battle 2 to 1.

This is fun. Stay tuned for the next half of football!

Q2, 0:08: Deshawn McClease takes it 22 yards to the 46. There will be one or two more plays for this half. 1st down Hokies.

Q2, 0:34: Tech gets called for a false start. 3rd and 6 from the 24.

Q2, 0:50: The Hokies are running some hurry up offense here. 3rd and 1 from the 29.

Q2, 1:40: Tayvion Robinson takes the 50-yard punt for a fair catch. The Hokies will start from their own 20.

Q2, 1:47: Incomplete pass. 4th down and Griffin will come out to punt from the 30.

Q2, 1:52: Virginia Tech calls their 1st timeout of the half. It'll be 3rd and 5 from the 30.

Q2, 2:06: Johnson's kick is good, and now UVa leads 13-6. 

The drive: 7 plays for 20 yards in 2:49.

Romo's kick goes into the endzone and UVa will start on their own 25.

Q2, 2:10: Well, for now it's 4th and goal, but Joey Blount could have an interception here frokm the back of the endzone. This is under review.

Update: The ruling on the field stands. No interception. It'll be 4th down.

Brian Johnson will attempt the 26-yard field goal.

Q2, 2:15: UVa calls their 2nd timeout of the half. It'll be 3rd and goal from the 8.

Q2, 3:28: Tech is called for a false start. 1st and goal from the 11.

Q2, 3:52: The Cavs get called for a fasemask off the 1-yard rush. Ball is now on the UVa 6, and a 1st and goal now for Tech.

Q2, 4:26: Hooker finds Tre Turner for a screen and 14 yards. 1st down on the UVa 13.

Q2, 4:32: UVa calls their 1st timeout of the half. It'll be 2nd and 9 from the Cavs' 27.

Q2, 4:55: Tayvion Robinson takes the punt off the hop from around the 45 and returns it 35 yards to the UVa 28. 1st down Hokies with great field position.

Q2, 5:45: The Cavs will punt from their own 19 on 4th and 1. Hokies played great defense on that 3rd down to stop UVa.

Q2, 7:04: Bradburn's punt of 38 yards is returned by Kemp for 4 yards. 1st down Cavs on their own 10.

Q2, 7:41: The Hokies could not recover from a 3rd and 18 and will punt on 4th and 11 from the Tech 45.

Q2, 9:10: Tayvion Robinson takes the punt return for 28 yards to the Tech 47 after the 39-yard punt by Nash Griffin is taken from the 19. Robinson had a lot of burst on that one.

1st down Hokies.

Q2, 9:56: Bryce Perkins gets 10 yards on a 3rd down rush, but still had 7 yards to go. UVa will punt.

Q2, 10:48: Billy Kemp take's Bradburn's 43-yard punt for 5 yards to the Cavs' 39. 1st down UVa.

Q2, 11:23: Tech goes 3 and out after the offensive holding sets the Hokies back deep. Oscar Bradburn will punt.

Q2, 12:06: Tech will take over on their own 20 after the punt goes into the endzone.

Q2, 12:44: Perkins with the keeper, but this time is stopped by Rayshard Ashby. That drive went all over the place. The Cavs will punt from their 37.

Q2, 12:56: UVa gets called for an offensive pass interference down at about the 2 yard line. Dubois got called.

It'll be 3rd and 21 from the 38.

Q2, 14:07: Perkins found a wide open Hasise Dubois for 32 yards. Offsetting penalties still give the Cavs a 1st down on the Tech 27.

Q2, 14:16: Hooker found a wide open Tre Turner on 3rd and long, but Jordan Mack forced a fumble and UVa recovered. 1st down Cavs on their 41.

End of 1st quarter: Virginia 13, Virginia Tech 3. It'll be 2nd and 10 from the UVa 47 after the break. Bryce Perkins' legs have been the story so far in this one.

Q1, 0:34: Hendon Hooker takes the ball for 12 yards. 1st down Hokies on UVa's 47.

Q1, 1:43: Hendon Hooker finds a wide open Dalton Keene on 3rd and long for 14 yards to the 41. 1st down Hokies.

Q1, 2:32: Bryce Perkins, once again, with his legs! This time, a 67-yard touchdown run. The Hokies defense has struggled to contain him on the ground. Delaney's extra point is good, and UVa now leads Virginia Tech 13-3.

The drive: 3 plays for 75 yards in 0:54. 

Delaney's kickoff goes into the endzone and Tech will start from the 25.

Q1, 3:26: Johnson's 21-yard kick is good. UVa now leads the Hokies 6-3.

The drive: 8 plays for 54 yards in 4:39.

Romo's kick goes into the endzone and the Cavs will have possession on their 25.

Q1, 3:59: Tre Turner is stopped at about the 3 on 3rd and goal. Brian Johnson will attempt the field goal.

Q1, 5:39: UVa is called for defensive hold. 1st and goal for Tech on the UVa 7.

Q1, 6:21: Dalton Keene gets the 1st down after the 3-yard rush. 1st down Hokies on the opposing 15.

Q1, 7:23: Hooker throws a beauty to Damon Hazelton to the Cavs' 27. 1st down Hokies.

Q1, 8:05: Perkins gets picked off by Chamarri Conner and was originally down at the Cavs' 15, but is brought back to the Tech 43 after the penalty called against the Hokies. 

What a play by Tech's defense!

Q1, 9:39: Tech got called for pass interference on 2nd and 10. The Cavs will have a new set of downs from the 39 after the 15-yard penalty.

Q1, 10:19: The Cavs will have the ball on their 24 yard line after the 53-yard punt is returned by Billy Kemp for 9 yards.

Q1, 10:55: Hendon Hooker tries a carry on 3rd down but is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Oscar Bradburn is out to punt.

Q1, 12:14: Perkins again! He takes the ball on the quarterback keeper for 39 yards for the touchdown! Brian Delaney's extra point is no good, and UVa leads Virginia Tech 6-0.

The drive: 8 plays for 75 yards in 2:46. 

Delaney's kick goes into the endzone as the Hokies will begin on offense from their own 25.

Q1, 13:26: Perkins uses his feet on 3rd and long again for a 1st down. 16-yard rush brings it to the Tech 44.

Q1, 14:11: Bryce Perkins uses his feet on 3rd and 14 and gets a 19-yard rush for a 1st down. Ball is now on the Cavs' 40.

Q1, 15:00: Romo's kick goes into the endzone. UVa will begin from their own 25.

12:05 p.m.: The Cavs and Hokies have taken the field. Both Tech and UVa fans are loud and ready to go!

The Hokies have won the toss but elected to defer. The Cavs will start with the football.

11:45 a.m.: Uniform update: the Hokies will go with white jersey's and maroon pants and helmets. The Cavs will be wearing all navy.

11:30 a.m.: We're a half hour away from the start of the game, and Scott Stadium is electric. With the loud music and both fanbases already into it, it feels like a playoff game here. That's because it really is.

Both are eyeing the Commonwealth Cup, as well as a chance to take on Clemson next weekend in Charlotte, N.C. Virginia Tech has owned the Cavs over the last decade plus, winners of 15 straight in the head-to-head matchup. 

Can UVa finally crack the Hokies? Well, our Mike Niziolek sets it up for you in his weekly Tech preview.

Who is excited? Because we're excited!

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