Moore found not guilty of assault

Richard Moore, owner of Lucky City Wine & Ale in Reidsville, was found not guilty of assault Monday morning.

Richard Moore, owner of Lucky City Wine & Ale in downtown Reidsville, was found not guilty of assault on a female Monday morning. The court heard testimony from Moore, Judy Gonzalez, a Reidsville resident who said Moore assaulted her, and several other witnesses who were in Lucky City at the time of the incident.

The assault was said to have happened April 9 during the Reidsville Cruise-In. Gonzalez testified that while already leaving the store, Moore put both hands on her back and pushed her. She said during her previous visits to the store as a customer, he had never been rude or physical toward her.

Moore told the court he asked Gonzalez to leave several times that night because she was giving him a lot of “grief.” He said he was moving his hands toward her to “shoo” her out of the store. Moore said he never put his hands on Gonzalez.

Alcohol was believed to be a factor in the assault by Gonzalez, but witnesses in Lucky City said they didn’t see Moore drinking, and Moore said he does not drink in his store.

Moore’s attorney, Jason Ross, told District Court Judge Stanley Allen that Gonzalez and her story were not credible.

When asked about Monday’s verdict, Gonzalez said the witnesses lied and that Moore is indeed guilty.

“The verdict was wrong because he is guilty – it’s all lies, they never asked me to leave the store,” she said. “He’s got a lawyer that made me look like a fool on the stand. I don’t agree with this at all.”

Gonzalez said she is considering plans to sue Moore and several others for slander.

Moore said he did not wish to comment on the judge’s decision.

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