Do your research, Campbell voters

As the election approaches, you may see signs with the word “Republican” conspicuously printed. As a lifelong conservative, I began to research these Republican candidates. I was confused to find that all of them were registered as independent candidates. The truth is, each candidate running for local office (sheriff and board of supervisors) is running as an independent.

Here’s what happened: The Campbell GOP, consisting of a handful of radicals, secretly decided who they would support and threw an “endorsement” to their chosen people. Then, the Campbell GOP told voters that their endorsement carried the same weight as a party nomination. In reality, their endorsement, decided in secret by a handful of people, was in no way the same as Campbell voters making a decision by voting in a primary. Campbell GOP steamrolls the opinions of the majority in favor of their few.

Additionally, if anyone attempts to ask questions about their decisions or secret meetings, the Campbell GOP labels them as “Democrats” and engages in hurling insults on social media. Over the past few years, it has become very obvious that the folks running the Campbell GOP do not share many of the values of Campbell County residents.

The Campbell GOP is using county elections as their personal Game of Thrones. They are hoping that voters will blindly trust their endorsements, without properly researching the candidates. I cannot trust the Campbell GOP or their endorsements. My own research of their “endorsed” candidates, particularly for sheriff, supports my decision.



The radicalized Campbell GOP

The Campbell First PAC feels that now is the time to be unapologetically direct about something that has been plaguing the county for a while now. Campbell County politics has become insufferable and is being held hostage by a very small but influential group of radicals who took over the Campbell County Republican Committee (CCRC) several years ago.

Lifelong Republicans have been shut out or outright banned just because of a difference of opinion from that of the small group of leaders. We have personally talked with many lifelong Republicans who have either resigned in disgust because of the corruption or have been kicked out over not marching in lockstep with this little club. The CCRC’s membership is dwindling according to reports, which allows this tiny group to continue to endorse whoever fits their agenda.

Although Virginia state law says that all local candidates must appear on the ballot with no party designation, local committees are allowed to endorse and support candidates. You may see signs for some candidates in Campbell County that say “Republican.” These candidates are the ones who have been endorsed by the CCRC and are authorized according to the local committee rules to use the “Republican” designation in their campaign materials. They are also most likely receiving campaign support from the CCRC.

This in no way means that other non-CCRC endorsed candidates are not Republicans. In fact, recent endorsements by Dels. Matt Fariss and Kathy Byron and other state-level Republican officials of non-CCRC endorsed candidates for local offices in Campbell County proves this.

Residents of Campbell County who call themselves Republican need to consider the possibility that the CCRC no longer serves in the best interests of the county or the Virginia GOP and vote accordingly. Do your own research on all of the candidates and make an informed decision Nov. 5.



Campbell First PAC

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