Trump wages war on climate

As 98 percent of climate scientists warn that we are in a climate crisis, primarily caused by human behavior from fossil fuels, the Trump administration continues to make the situation worse with their policies to benefit fossil fuel industries and harm the planet.

Just last week, the administration “moved to revoke regulations on methane leaks from oil facilities, a proposal environmental advocates said would renounce key federal authority to regulate the climate-damaging gas” (News & Advance, Aug. 30). Another recent anti-environmental action by the administration includes “the recent Republican tax bill supported by President Donald Trump, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska will be opened up to oil and gas drilling. Trump has called the refuge “one of the great oil sites,” according to the Sentinel and Enterprise newspaper in Massachusetts.

These are just two of their egregious actions that are hastening the climate crisis. Naming all of them would require more ink space than this newspaper would allow for a letter to the editor.

Trump’s clear motivation is money from the fossil fuel industry to fund his re-election and their motivation is money for themselves and their shareholders. I wonder what they intend to do with this money in the future when the planet is burning, and they have ensured its destruction.

Although it is more than a year before we can vote this man and his planet damaging policies out of office, there is an election in Virginia this November. Virginians need to elect candidates who respect the scientific research, which is indisputable. We can at least have positive environmental policies for our state, if not the nation at this point. In Lynchburg, we have two candidates for the House of Delegates who will do just that — Jennifer Woofter (22rd district) and David Zilles (23rd district). Please support these candidates with your vote on Nov. 5.



The Deep State rules us

The surest sign of an enemy’s victory is when its opponents acquiesce to the enemy’s domination.

Last week, nobody I know was surprised that the Justice Department’s inspector general accused former FBI Director James Comey of several serious breaches of security, breaking his contract with the FBI, but not indicted on six proven crimes. Two weeks ago, nobody I know was surprised that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while in a maximum security prison and locked in a cell with paper sheets and towels that could not be used as a noose. Nobody I know was surprised that the video cameras were malfunctioning while Epstein broke his own neck. Nobody I know was surprised in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was accused of national security violations, but not indicted.

We now know that the FISA court based its verdict to investigate President Trump’s “Russian Collusion” on fraudulent information that was supplied by the Obama administration and Clinton. Will there be any prison time for those who tried to overturn a legal election? We who saw Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers confess to lying under oath, but receiving no jail time, know the Deep State rules us. This should upset even the most genuine progressive.



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