Vote Democratic? Not on your life

In the Sept. 8 issue of The News & Advance on the Sunday Politics page, there was a long, detailed article about the Democratic Party’s possible strategy to regain control of the Senate, or the Presidential Office, or even both. The first impression one gets is that it is a difficult, uphill battle.

That’s a good thing.

This is a party that is busying itself with writing God out of its platform, that wishes to nationalize health care (read: government control, not true health care) at an enormous cost unknown to the taxpayer, that applauds aliens entering our country illegally (I tried entering Canada once without a passport and they laughed me all the way back to Podunk City, Va.), that hates the current president only because he shockingly took the White House away from Hillary Clinton, that wants to impeach him for clearly unimpeachable reasons, that elected Muslim congresswomen who are vicious, un-American antisemites (there’s true racism for you), that wishes to demonize everyone who legally owns a gun, that celebrates sexual perversion and gender confusion, that tries to garner support for such idiotic concepts as the Green New Deal (cost to taxpayers: trillions of dollars) and that in general wishes to impose total control over US citizens while eradicating Christian influence in every sector of society, all of it leading to turning our country into a socialist, possibly even Communist, nation.

If anyone thinks that is a fine idea, then consider Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China. These people aren’t free; they are oppressed, harassed, tortured, and starving. Socialism has never worked, and it never will.

It is my fervent hope that the Democrats never win the U.S. Senate or Presidency again. That hope won’t be realized, but it’s nice to wish. I voted for Donald Trump, and I’d vote for him again. He’s a flawed person (who isn’t?) but was a better choice considering the alternative. I will never vote Democratic because the party is a poor representative for our country, which was founded on Judeo-Christian values, upholding freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom in the marketplace. If the Democrats have their way, these values and freedoms will, piece by piece, wind up in the trash bin. Then they would realize their ultimate dream and be in total control, just like Hitler, Stalin and Mao were.



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