Sheriff's hopefuls and Va. Senate

Miller for Bedford sheriff

Election Day is right around the corner and many of us will be glad to see it gone. However, before we look past it, I urge everyone to make sure to make the right choice on Nov. 5.

Mike Miller has shown what caliber of man he really is over the last several months. Through both the primary election campaign and now the general election campaign, he has consistently run on a platform of proven experience and leadership. With over 35 years of service to the community at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, he has developed the skills and knowledge to lead it into the future. He has dedicated his life to the Bedford community through his work at the Sheriff’s Office, volunteer activities and as a pastor for a local church. He knows how to get things done and how to work well with businesses and members of our community. He is the right man for the job at the right time to do it.

He has been in a command leadership position for over a decade and has been involved in most of the major investigations in recent years — he does not have a learning curve to overcome, he is ready to hit the ground running to make sure the citizens of this county do not miss one second of service from our Sheriff’s Office.

Please, vote Mike Miller for Bedford County sheriff Nov. 5.



Miller in Bedford sheriff race

The Nov. 5 election is quickly approaching and Bedford County will be electing a new sheriff.

This is a very important position that should not be taken lightly. I ask you to do your research and ask the questions for the needed answers you deserve. While all of the candidates are currently working for the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, this does not mean that all three possess the same experience and qualifications needed to run a successful department. Please do not vote for someone just because they have been a life-long friend, neighbor, friend of the family, provided a service for you or because they are the only candidate you personally know. Please do not vote against a candidate just because you had a personal experience with a candidate that was enforcing the law and doing their job. Vote for the candidate that has the most overall experience, knowledge, leadership with the ability to protect and improve the safety and welfare of all the residents of Bedford County.

I can tell you this, Mike Miller is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge to be the next sheriff of Bedford County. I like Mike and you should too!



Forced abortions in … Virginia?

Pregnancy surrogates are subjected to long contracts that force them to selectively abort if they are carrying more than one child — and our state enforces these contracts. Sen. Mark Peake introduced an amendment to correct this. Unfortunately, with calloused debate, state legislators blocked this commonsense change.

Mandatory abortions happen in regimes and dictatorships. They have absolutely no business in the land of the free. Pregnant mothers should not be held hostage financially to ensure they follow through with these abortion demands. Women who are dedicating nearly a year of their life to give another family life should not be punished for allowing a child they are carrying to live!

Peake is a dedicated leader who works to protect the most innocent and helpless in our society. As he said, this isn’t simply a pro-life or pro-abortion issue. This is a pro-mother issue.

If you’re pro-choice, I hope you’ll vote for Peake, because choice requires the mother’s freedom to choose. It’s not pro-choice for a third party to force the only mother that baby knows to have an abortion. If you are pro-life I hope you’ll vote for Peake because of his proactive efforts to fix this problem and many others.

No matter your stance on abortion itself, forced abortions have no place in Virginia. Please join me in supporting Mark Peake for Virginia Senate on Nov. 5 and help end the cruel practice of mandatory abortions in our state.



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