Assembly races and whistleblowers

Woofter in the 22nd District

When my son told me recently that he was out of insulin, I immediately went on a frantic mission to get him more. (Teenagers, am I right?) As I waited on hold with the pharmacy, I took a long look at the receipt.

For a 30-day supply of insulin, we were billed $1,019.99. For my son, that’s 30 days of being able to eat normally, 30 days of school, 30 days for him to keep breathing. One month of medication he can’t go two hours without costs $1,019.99. That’s $1,019.99 for a drug we’ve been developing for decades, a drug for which the creator refused to make a profit.

My son has insurance, so we pay nothing. But the day he turns 26, he loses that coverage. And there are people all over our community who don’t have that benefit. A bill like this for many means a choice between death and insurmountable debt.

Drug companies are gouging Americans because they can get away with it. We need delegates in Richmond like Jennifer Woofter who will represent the people who pay medical bills, not the pharmaceutical companies who bill them, and the insurance companies who make a profit off of suffering.

As representative of the 22nd House of Delegates District, Jennifer Woofter will work to make health care more affordable and accessible for everyone. Remember her Nov. 5 when you go to the polls.



Woofter for House of Delegates

Democracy works best when a variety of opinions are expressed by those running for office, and the voter has a clear choice at the ballot box. Those in the Virginia House of Delegates 22nd District have such a choice Election Day, Nov. 5.

Vote for the 22nd District candidate who has been in office for two decades (do you even know her name?) or vote for the woman who is listening and will truly represent you in Richmond, Jennifer Woofter.

What’s the best way to learn just whose side a candidate is on? Follow the money. With a little research on the Virginia Public Access Project website (, you will learn that the incumbent is funded by big business, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies, banking corporations, to name a few, and by just a tiny handful of individuals. And so who do you think the incumbent will represent in Richmond?

Jennifer Woofter, by contrast, has funded her campaign entirely with individual, small-dollar donations from folks just like you and me.

Our voices have not been heard in Richmond since 1998 when the incumbent was first elected. It’s time for the people of the 22nd District to be represented. It’s time for democracy to work for the people, not just for big businesses. It’s time for a change. It’s time to elect Jennifer Woofter for the House of Delegates from the 22nd District! Check out her platform at, and vote Woofter on Nov. 5. Vote!



Whistleblower satire

I’m whistleblower No. 3 ... or maybe No. 4 (or even No. 5) — who knows. I am writing because Donald Trump is only looking out for himself and not for the American people.

A few examples:

(1) The most recent employment numbers show that the unemployment rate is at 3.5 percent (a 50-year low), and more people have jobs than ever before.

I think Trump has done this just to steal the election in 2020 and get reelected.

(2) In addition, he is lowering drug prices — and somehow — making money hand over fist by doing this. I’m sure Donald Jr. is getting his generous under-the-table cut, as well.

(3) Trump is stacking the federal courts with conservative judicial hacks — who follow the law and uphold the Constitution. This is an impeachable offense in itself.

(4) Finally, Trump is trying to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and thus make the entire world safer.

He is doing this egregious act just to win the Noble Peace Prize because there is a $900,000 cash award along with the honor.

You know how Trump loves money ... he has lowered income taxes (just for the rich), steals from the little guy and cheats on his business and personal taxes.

More whistleblowers need to come forward to stop this monster once and for all. He can’t be allowed to do any more damage than he has already done.

When they do, they need to bypass the Inspector General and go directly to the Honorable Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member on the Intel Committee ... just like Whistleblower No. 1 did.

Schiff will follow the rule of law by the book. Unlike Trump, his integrity is second to none.



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