Meals on Wheels' great volunteers

Happy Thanksgiving to the incredible cadre of Meals on Wheels volunteers!

Many of them will be delivering tomorrow on our 28 routes that go all over Lynchburg, the surrounding communities, and now into the Rustburg area. Of our more than 370 current recipients, more than 250 will be home to receive our special Thanksgiving dinner and a connection to our caring community. Without our volunteers, many of these neighbors would not see another person on Thanksgiving Day.

Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg celebrated its 45th anniversary this year and delivered its 2.5 millionth meal in September. Recognizing that these milestones would be impossible without the support of these delivery drivers, we dug deeply and found that almost 1,400 people are counted as recent volunteers. Wow! This is just another demonstration of our committed community that makes a difference every day.

I am thankful for many things today: that we are able to meet the needs of the homebound in our community; that because of local support we can serve people of all ages and incomes — currently ages 27-102; and especially that people care enough to take an hour out of their week to deliver a measure of independence, nourishing both body and spirit of our neighbors in need.

With thanksgiving,


Executive Director

Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg

Great care at LGH/Stroobants

I saw Dr Jose Silva, cardiologist at Stroobants Cardiovascular Center, for a life-threatening heart problem. He told me I needed a pacemaker, explained the procedure and said he could preform the surgery the next morning.

He knew I was extremely anxious. He was compassionate and reassuring, and it made me feel alot better. The surgery went well. I stayed three days in the cardiac unit. Thanks to all the staff, I received excellent care.Thanks also to my family, friends and Pastor Amy Beth Coleman at Heritage United Methodist Church for your love and support.



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