Suffering from #TDS? Not at all

Regarding George Caylor’s frivolous attack on liberals and moderates in his Nov. 5 letter to the editor (“The Democrats’ terminal illness”), I find being constantly accused of having #TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) both tiring and odious.

Face it, the facts about Donald Trump say he is at best a compulsive liar and at worst a disgrace to the very Bible folk like Caylor profess to follow (e.g. the 10 Commandments, the seven things God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19, and the entire Sermon on the Mount).

However, since contemptible name-calling is the current fashion of today’s politics, may I suggest that many “Trumpublicans” suffer from “Deranged Trump Follower Syndrome”? That’s where #DTFS followers are so unswervingly loyal to DJT that they believe his every deceit and would follow him anywhere, even to the Gates of Hell and walk right in as he holds them open, not noticing he doesn’t follow them in as they swing shut?

Alternately, Caylor, maybe you could be more true to those cherished scriptures and stick to respectful discussions of fact and policy without the divisive personal attacks (there’s that Proverbs 6:19 again)? I am all for that. There is nothing wrong with polite discussions contrasting the Democratic Party’s ideas of liberty and justice for all with the Republican Party culture war based policies of borrowing the country into oblivion. Right? It’s just so hard for some reason to get past the GOP standard bearer these days.



We just know what Trump is

You’re wrong, George Caylor, it’s not the Democrats that have become deranged by Donald Trump. It’s the formerly patriotic Republicans who have anointed him “King Donald I” who are showing the true derangement.

Like the evangelicals, they seem to believe that God made Trump president and therefore he has the divine rights of a king. To them he always right and can do no wrong. His lawyer claims the he could shoot you down in broad daylight and nobody can even investigate it because he is above the law. Trump declares that part of the Constitution is phony and all the GOP politicians, who swore sacred oaths to defend the entire document, don’t say a word. Staying in their king’s good graces is the way they keep their power and that’s all that matters. As public servants who supposedly work for us they are pathetic.

Those of us who have been paying attention are really not surprised by Trump’s behavior. We knew that he’d been a con man and a criminal his entire life, who’s only real concern has always been what’s best for Donald Trump. If he hadn’t been born filthy rich, when he was 27 he was still getting $5 million a year allowance from his daddy, he’d probably be walking the streets of Times Square hustling tourists for 10-dollar bills.

As far as the impeachment goes, it most likely won’t get him thrown out of office because the spineless Republicans are not going vote against their king. Those of us who still believe in the Constitution know it has to be done or we will no longer be a nation of laws, we will be a dictatorship.



Autumn memories

The best part of deer hunting was, of course, the long night of drinking that always followed.

Out in a cold November night, drinking Wild Turkey under the stars, chasing the Turkey with ice cold beer, lying about who we were when we were kids. I always liked that part of hunting deer.

The part that I didn’t like was hauling the deer back from where we killed it.

Sometimes even for a medium-size buck, it would take four of us to drag it through the woods and the mud. And then the cleaning. Flushing out the deer’s insides with a hose. Too much dirt work.

But some people liked it. One of my friends always got philosophical as he washed the deer out. He’d start talking about his dad and his grandfather, and what they said to him about life before they died.

I guess that was a part of deer hunting I liked too. I liked listening to my friends soften up, become the kids they were a long, long time ago.



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