Writers debate House contest

Perrow for the House

On Tuesday, there is a primary for the Republican nomination for the 23rd House of Delegates seat which includes parts of the City of Lynchburg and parts of Amherst and Bedford counties.

I am voting for Turner Perrow.

He is a graduate of E.C. Glass High School and VMI. He is a successful licensed engineer and helps operate a family farm. He and his wife have three children.

As a businessman, Perrow understands how business works and what is needed to help to continue to grow jobs and our economy.

He has proven himself to be a consistent conservative, having served 11 years on Lynchburg City Council and never having voted in favor of raising taxes. He seeks ways to make government more efficient and effective.

Please join me and many others on next Tuesday in voting for Turner Perrow so we have a Delegate of whom we can all be proud.



Walker backed for delegate

In less than a week, on June 11, we have the opportunity to choose an individual to represent us in the 23rd District of the House of Delegates. It is important for people to understand that of any place where your vote will count the most — it will be in a local election. Of the three individuals vying for this position, I believe that Wendell Walker is more than capable and qualified to effectively represent the citizens of this district.

Personally, I have found Walker to be a man of his word; I know he doesn’t just talk about life and the unborn child but actually supports those whose mission it is to “speak for them.” I have seen him at local meetings and witnessed his propensity for making sure that meetings and protocol were carefully followed — sometimes to the chagrin of some present — but always in the interest of doing things right. He believes in and defends the Constitution as written. He is a strong, caring family man.

I believe him to be a sincere and honest individual who will listen to your input and genuinely look for solutions to citizen concerns. I strongly advocate for Wendell Walker to represent the residents of the 23rd District.



Columnist far off base

It is the first time I’ve read an column by Ted Rall, and I’m appalled. Politically, I’m a liberal democrat, however I’m first and foremost, an American Patriot. His June 4 opinion column, “Media gloats about censoring the far left,” was an unmitigated pro-Russian hit piece on our country.

I sincerely doubt that 37 percent of Americans subscribe to socialism/communism and since he didn’t provide a citation, I think he knows he made it up. His continued spurious discussion of censorship by the media is also bogus. If anything there is an argument for too much publication and consideration of outlier positions (i.e. his column). Rall discusses brutal suppression by the police and FBI with no corroboration to prove his claim. I’ve lived in an oppressed country while stationed overseas. He has no clue. It is ridiculously common knowledge that RT is a pro-Russian propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin. I’m no fan of our current administration, but have yet to see my voice suppressed and those that agree with me, even when we actively protest and seek redress from our government.

We are still a constitutionally driven, democratic republic full of patriotic American citizenry across the political spectrum. We may have our problems, but rejecting the likes of Rall, is not one of them. It’s a disgrace the column was published the week we honor D-Day and the sacrifices American citizens made to keep democratic freedoms alive. Ted Rall should be ashamed.



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