Begin an impeachment inquiry

There is no questioning the fact that the Russians attempted to interfere in our 2016 election. An investigation was deservedly established. The “interference” investigation was warranted.

During the course of that investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team discovered acts committed that breached 18 USC Sec. 1512, C., 2. He accepted his subpoena to testify before the House.

Now it becomes a political question. The Democrats are weighing an inquiry vs. placing the 2020 election results in jeopardy. Personally, I feel that an inquiry is imperative, regardless of 2020. The basis for my thought is owned by our unborn future generations.

For several years, I have heard talk about the FISA courts, the Steele dossier, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, etc. I agree that if wrong doing occurred, appropriate measures should be undertaken. “No one is above the law,” goes the saying. They too deserve the light of day.

These two contrasting paragraphs should not hold us back from doing what is right.

I recall the 1990s. Ken Starr investigated Whitewater and ended up finding a stained blue dress. Perjury got President Bill Clinton impeached. He lied under oath. Imagine that. A president was impeached for lying!

To say we should just bide our time until the 2020 election begs the question: What if President Trump gets re-elected? I bet that if the election were held today that he would get reelected. The economy and the Rust Belt will make it so. Then we will be left with having done absolutely nothing, lacking the integrity and courage to inquire.

Start an impeachment inquiry. Tell future presidents that in the United States we have a Constitution that you take an oath to protect and defend. If you err, there will be consequences.

“E Pluribus Unum.”



Trump’s racist rants

Nancy Hunter’s July 30 letter to the editor concerning the commemoration at Jamestown conveniently omitted one important fact.

The tone for much of the political discourse was set by Donald Trump on the day he announced his candidacy when he gave his racist rant on immigrants from Mexico. His rhetoric has gone downhill since then. Name calling is his forte and, regardless of that writer’s attempt to shift it elsewhere, is well documented.



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