Writer: Trump's killing the GOP

As an ultra-conservative who has always voted Republican, this is a very difficult letter to write. Because of President Trump, I don’t believe the Republican Party will ever win the White House again. Thanks to this ego-maniacal narcissist, it’s my opinion that America is divided beyond healing.

Trump has not accomplished this totally on his own. The lunatics on both sides of the aisle have contributed to our present crisis, but Trump is the gold standard. How do I spell disaster? Trump, Giuliani, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Schumer. This list of course contains dozens of other names, but these are the superstars of division.

Trump is the only man I know of who makes Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama look like patron saints. Trump is an awful human being who really cares nothing for this country or its people. He’s totally lacking in kindness, decency or honesty. He never really expected to win the presidency and now doesn’t have any idea what to do with it. Trump is a spoiled brat with no moral compass. I know that he wasn’t hired to be a pillar of goodness, but certainly the president of the United States can and should be good example for our youth to follow.

Our great nation has never in its history experienced the kind of divisiveness it knows today. It’s appalling and embarrassing to have such a man at the helm of government. We can and we must do better. The Republican Party is committing political suicide to allow this man to be our standard bearer again. The Republicans and the Democrats are doing nothing positive for our nation and its people. They are obsessed with power and the desire to keep it.

The House and the Senate are poor representatives of the American people. As much of a low life as I see Donald Trump to be, impeaching him is not the answer. It will only lead to more division. The Republican Party needs to deny Trump the nomination for 2020 and seek out a man or woman with integrity to challenge the equally corrupt democrats.

Well, the tirade is over for now but you know where to find me ... “Always on the Right.”



City’s on the right path

In his Jan. 25 letter to the editor, Remso Martinez endorses Abe Loper and Christopher Faraldi for Lynchburg City Council, stating, “the recent decade has taken a turn many feel uncomfortable with.”

As a lifelong resident of Lynchburg, I must say that I have been absolutely delighted by the last decade in this city. The rebirth of downtown Lynchburg has been remarkable, and this would not have been possible without long-term commitment from City Council members going back many years. The city’s investment in infrastructure downtown has allowed private enterprise to thrive in the form of lofts, bars and restaurants, and Lynchburg is a much more vibrant city now than it has been in years. And the tax dollars generated downtown will allow the city to move forward on solid financial footing.

It is not clear from Martinez’s letter exactly what he is “uncomfortable with.” What is clear is that he describes himself as a “former conservative activist” affiliated with Liberty University, implying an effort to realign City Council around the right-wing politics of Jeff Helgeson. Councilman Helgeson has made clear over many years his disdain for public investment in the city in any way, especially downtown. Without that investment, it is questionable whether any subsequent private capital would have followed, and Lynchburg might very well be in a downward spiral like Danville or Petersburg.

Referring to Loper and Faraldi, Martinez says that he hopes voters, “are willing to give them a chance.” As a resident and taxpayer in Ward I who votes religiously, I will indeed give Loper a chance. I will give him a chance to unequivocally reject the ultra-conservative politics of Jeff Helgeson. And I will give him a chance to unequivocally state his support for Lynchburg City Schools and for public investment in downtown Lynchburg. If he cannot do that, then he has already lost my vote.



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