Redistricting reform imperative

Once again, General Assembly politicians have exposed themselves as unprincipled hypocrites, unconcerned about properly serving their constituents but instead focused on their power.

This time, it is the Democrats in the House of Delegates who are obstructing a measure that would benefit the electorate. After years of calling for an independent and impartial panel to enact redistricting, they find themselves in the majority and suddenly decide that redistricting is best left to — surprise — the legislature.

As The News & Advance’s Feb. 23 editorial noted, House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, does not want to allow the constitutional amendment that passed in the last session to come up for a vote, wherein, if passed, could be voted on this fall, thereby changing the redistricting process that is due to occur after the upcoming census.

While the amendment is far from perfect, still allowing the legislature too much input and control, it is a vast improvement from a process that is entirely controlled by the legislature. Continuing to allow the Assembly to carve out voting districts that do not adhere to reasonable groupings of shared interests but serve only to protect incumbents and isolate the opposition is unconscionable and the anti-thesis of representative democracy.

An imperfect amendment that restores some legitimacy and accountability to our government is better than the status quo, and can be changed in the intervening years between censuses. Now is the time to make this change.



Editor’s note: The writer is a former chairman of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee.

Democrats at it again

After $30 million of hard-earned taxpayer money was wasted on the Mueller report, which concluded there was no collusion with Russia, and countless other efforts to overturn the 2016 election, here we go again.

Supposedly, there is a Russian strategy to help Donald Trump win a second term! Funny, in that the president has been harsher on Vladimir Putin than former President Barack Obama ever was!

There aren’t 100 people in the universe dumb enough to believe this latest Democratic lie. This is just another feeble Pelosi/Schiff scheme to try to stop the Trump train. And like the impeachment failure, this is an even worse dud!

They might as well concede to another four years now. Unless a 78-year-old communist with a bad heart steals it all! Haha!



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