Our world is turned inside-out

I don’t think I live in the same country or state that I have known for the 75 years of my life. Something is wrong here.

You know, there are people who do not like the direction that our state is going. Usually when that happens, you would want to move to another state. No, these people want the state (Virginia itself) to move away from them. West Virginia will take us.

I also heard the president’s lawyer say that President Trump can do anything if he thinks that it is in the national interest. I guess he can order our government to assist the Russians in their occupation of Ukraine — it may be in our national interest to have a cooperative relationship with Russia. Oh, indirectly he is already doing that.

This inside-out or upside-down world is now immorality spoken as ethical. A trial without witnesses and documents is just a predetermined verdict — nothing like the trials that I have ever known.

I pray for us all because this is nuts. Let’s return to reasonable behavior again before it is too late. Why would we ever pretend to be fair or normal when major decisions are predetermined? When the shoe is on the other foot, does this mean that I will see Virginia Republicans demonstrating (with their vast arsenal of weapons) — demanding to be West Virginians or maybe Russians? Russia is the real winner with the Trump impeachment trial anyhow and now we have made Russia great again.



The minimum wage

It is very reasonable to consider an increase in Virginia’s minimum wage. What is not reasonable is to have the same minimum wage throughout the state.

The cost of living is significantly higher in Fairfax County than it is in Pittsylvania County.

A minimum wage that would mean nothing in Alexandria would be very harmful to the economies of the Southside.

I am confident that our government can design a minimum wage structure that is sensitive to these differences. I look forward to seeing such a structure.



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