N&A, bring back 'Doonesbury'

Recently, The Washington Post published a long article entitled “Inside Liberty University’s ‘culture of fear.’” The article was written by a LU graduate who was once the editor of the student newspaper at the school, and it was critical of a number of aspects of LU’s administration.

One of the main complaints in the article was about censorship at the school. During the same time period that the article appeared, the comic strip “Doonesbury” disappeared from The News & Advance’s comic section where it had been a feature for as long as I can remember.

Is this a coincidence, or could it be that the alleged censorship at LU is not confined to the university’s campus?

“Doonesbury” satirizes president Trump as it has done to all of our presidents going back to Gerald Ford. Was the comic strip too much for LU’s administration which we all know is pro-Trump?

Ironically, last Sunday’s “Doonesbury” strip made fun of Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and her many initiatives. I am sure that everyone at LU enjoyed that one.

I think that this newspaper acted in haste when it decided to purge “Doonesbury,” and I respectfully request that the strip be restored.



Not just Trump

It is with a heavy heart that I write it is not only President Trump who is consequentially responsible for the gun massacre in El Paso and its ilk, but also every person who voted for him.

I say this with a heavy heart because I have friends and neighbors, probably relatives, whom I love and respect who voted for him; friends and relatives with whom I have social, political and economic differences that are defensible on both sides of the issues. But no policy preferences justify voting for such a despicable and dangerous person.



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