Free advice for the Democrats

The Democrats campaigning for president are a diverse set, I must say. They are making apologies to slaves, the decendents of slaves and the Native Americans. They are promising to remove paintings of prominent past presidents and Americans and tear down statues of many more just because of political correctness.

Some are making promises they know they cannot keep such as: reducing the prison population, eliminating the death penalty, reducing mandatory sentencing and seting up injection sites, not to mention all the free stuff they are promising to give away. Free college, free housing, free money each month, free health care, free this and free that. Raise the federal minimum wage to $20.00 per hour.

Then we have a number of candidates who want to take away guns from everyone, even the law-abiding citizens. They want to ban certain weapons and accessories and make it so difficult to purchase a gun or even sell one to a family member.

Now, some of them and all of the radical left media are broadcasting almost daily about the recession they are predicting. Experts tell us there is no recession looming, but the media thinks the more they broadcast it, the more likely it will happen because the gullible American public will believe it is so. Another fear monger tactic of the far left media.

Then we have another candidate who can’t remember what he did yesterday, let alone what he did a few years ago. He even said he was vice president when the Parkland, Fla., shooting occured. Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over if that buffoon was to be nominated?

I do not believe 90 percent of what I hear and 75 percent of what I see. That would be great advice to all the Democrats and independents who will be nominating one of the group of 20 some candidates who want to replace President Trump. So be careful who you nominate. Nothing is free in this country. The Democrats know that, and they are making promises they know they cannot keep.



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