Growth: When is enough enough?

As fire consumes the Amazon rain forest, we need to consider also the very local destruction of wide swaths of greenery stripped off the land by Lynchburg developers.

Think about Wyndhurst and Cornerstone — no green spaces, few trees, just pavement and buildings. Drive past the enormous barren apartment construction project along Timberlake Road across from Kroger. Then there are proposed townhouse developments in Wyndhurst and at Villa Maria, as well as another proposed huge apartment complex on Enterprise Drive, just up from Wyndhurst. All the trees in these areas were or will be bulldozed—very few ever replaced.

Where are the mandatory provisions for massive replanting by developers? Why does the City Council and the city planning commission allow such egregious behavior by developers? Is it all about the tax base? Is it ideologic in that they don’t believe in environmental protection? Is it that they simply do not care? ’Tis a great mystery as to why they are so anti-tree!



Stand up, Rep. Cline

Rep. Ben Cline, you and your Republican colleagues in Congress are standing on the sidelines as a lunatic is destroying our country and its relationships with our allies across Europe and Asia.

Calling the chairman of the Federal Reserve a bigger enemy to the United States than Xi Jinping of China just one of the many mentally questionable statements made just last week by President Trump.

Many of us are wondering at what point are you and your colleagues going to be alarmed enough to do something.



Clark for Campbell sheriff

Whit W. Clark III is neither a bureaucrat nor a politician. He is a man of education, experience and integrity.

He is a personal friend of mine, and I cannot say anything more eloquently than he already has — “When you family’s safety and security is a priority. ... Experience does matter!”

Vote for Whit Clark for sheriff in November. Campbell County needs him!



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