Just another big, ol' nothing burger

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire … .” That’s the phrase being tossed around by Democrats and very few Republicans regarding the president’s call to the Ukrainian president.

They seem to rely on the fact that the president said something along the lines of “whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great” when talking about possible corruption investigations into Joe Biden and his son.

“Whatever you can do would be great … ” — not: “do this” or “do that” followed by a threat to take something away or a promise to give something not already given. Just “whatever you can do would be great.” Seems to me that’s a lousy quid pro quo.

No one can deny the president’s huge success in negotiating business deals in the private sector prior to becoming president. You’d think that if he intended there to be quid pro quo he would, I don’t know, say it. Articles even point out that the Ukrainian president wasn’t even aware prior to the call that President Trump was holding up military aid — so there’s no quid pro quo there.

Democrats are so fired up to impeach a sitting president, their first perceived shot at a Republican since Richard Nixon, that they’ll gin up whatever controversy they can. The Democrats are going to do what the Democrats (and some Republicans, even here in Virginia on a local level) do best — they’re going to railroad their opposition. However, they’re going to need 20 Republican senators to vote to convict the president if this goes to a Senate trial.

That’s an impossible bar to reach to get two-thirds of the U.S. Senate. So, am I worried that we’re going to have an impeached and removed President? Not in the least — though if, by some insane twist of events, we do: I’m really not going to complain about President Mike Pence.

This president has been focused on economic growth and immigration. Those have been his two top priorities. Just food for thought for my Democratic friends: Do you really want President Mike Pence adding the Republican Party’s religious freedom platform to the top of the agenda?

Like Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina said, this whole thing is a big nothing burger.



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