Watkins for Bedford schools post

Nov. 5 is a very important day for the residents of Bedford County. Don’t let this day pass without your presence at the voting polls. Every vote counts, every vote matters.

Georgia Hairston is running for the 5th District School Board position. I have had the pleasure of working with her when she served as an administrator for Bedford County Public Schools when I served as a middle school principal. Over the years, I observed the dedication and commitment she displayed in her schools. Listening to her many uplifting stories about her students, staff, parents and community connections were inspiring.

Hairston truly embodied the characteristics of an excellent leader. She cared for all of her students and worked hard to ensure they received the best instructional settings that would address the various learning needs. Her background in special education added an additional layer of expertise in her schools. She often met with parents and teachers to assist them with obtaining the learning tools needed to help their children learn despite their disabilities.

Hairston maintained a low percentage of staff turnover which speaks volumes for the instructional environment she fostered in her schools. She promoted an instructional community that provided support for all.

During her tenure at Otter River Elementary School, she, staff, students and school community received the State Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award, the State Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award for two years and the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence. The State Board of Education and the Governor’s Office recognized the excellent achievements that were gained under her leadership.

Hairston will continue to deliver the same dedicated and excellent work as the 5th District School Board member. I encourage you to vote for the change you want to see in your schools. Vote for Georgia Hairston. She cares about her community and her schools. She will work hard to promote and maintain excellence for all students.



Byron a helpful delegate

I would like to commend Del. Kathy Byron and her staff for the support through one of the most stressful experiences I’ve ever endured.

I went to the Division of Motor Vehicles to submit for the Real ID recently. I received my new license within four days, and two days later receive a notice, due to a medication I’ve been prescribed for several years, I was at risk of losing my drivers license.

I am a single lady who works daily with responsibilities that ultimately affect many others, and there I was at risk of losing my independence, as well as my livelihood. While fear took over, and the anxiety blossomed, Byron and her staff, along with my doctor and optician, pulled me through moment by moment.

I understand completely the need for parameters and limitations for everyone’s safety. However, if I’d realized the chaos of filling out the DMV’s documentation, for a medication I’ve been on for 14 years, and operating a motor vehicle, without even a fender bender much less an accident, I would have never submitted for the Real ID. I disclosed what legally and legitimately I am prescribed, and almost lost my opportunity to survive.

Thank you to all who helped me to survive this chaos!



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