Disavow anti-Semitic dog whistles

After reading last week’s article entitled “Democrats promise a new Virginia if they win control of the legislature,” I was left with feelings of anger, dismay and despair.

The most disturbing quotation in the article was provided by Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jack Wilson who stated that “If the Soros-Bloomberg Democrats win the General Assembly this November — YOU WON’T RECOGNIZE VIRGINIA ANYMORE.”

Why, one might ask, would Wilson refer to these two individuals when neither is involved in Virginia politics, neither is in any leadership position within the Democratic Party, neither is currently running for president of the United States, and at least one of the two is decidedly moderate rather than extremely liberal?

The answer is clear to anyone whose ear is attuned to dog whistles. Both Soros and Bloomberg are Jews. Even more to the point, both men are wealthy Jews. Wilson’s statement is blatantly and alarmingly anti-Semitic. His warning trades in age-old anti-Semitic tropes that imply a conspiracy of Jews to control the world through their money and serves only to advance a politics of division and hate.

There are many other Democratic actors who are further to the left, more engaged in Virginia politics, and more immediate adversaries of the Virginia Republican Party. But by labeling the opinions of those with whom he disagrees in this way, Jack Wilson has engaged in dangerous hate speech that must be called out for what it is, regardless of party affiliation.



Editor’s note: Gillette served on Lynchburg City Council for 12 years and served for four years as Lynchburg’s first Jewish mayor.

Gunter for Campbell supervisor

I am writing in support of Eddie Gunter’s re-election to the Campbell County Board of Supervisors.

Gunter’s opponent has not made himself known in my community as a leader and a servant. While some know his reputation, I know him only by the many road signs displayed in the Concord community.

Over the past 28 years as a supervisor, however, Gunter has served our community by:

» championing the cause of public education, to ensure adequate funding of Campbell County Schools,

» demonstrating an interest in the welfare of all of his constituents and soliciting feedback for the community at large and

» challenging issues that adversely affect Campbell County’s physical and financial growth.

He is presently the most experienced supervisor on the board. The is a total of seven supervisors. Of that number, two are not seeking re-election, and the remaining four have less than three years of experience. As the board’s chairman, hehas a working knowledge of its functions. Campbell County cannot afford to lose the expertise, service and experience gained by Gunter over the past 28 years to a novice.



Miller for Bedford sheriff

Let’s be honest, what really frustrates us about politics today is when things resort to name calling and mudslinging. Although it is not always the case, many times politicians resort to these tactics is because they have nothing to offer the conversation, so they resort to tearing the others down so they don’t look as bad.

This is dirty politics at its finest and any candidate, no matter what party they represent, loses my (and many others) support when they take this route.

This is one reason that I urge you to vote for Mike Miller for the coming Bedford County sheriff’s election. Throughout his campaign, either for the Republican primary or now the general election, Miller has consistently run a positive campaign where his merits and qualifications have been to root of his agenda. Although some have used other tactics, he has failed to sink below his standard.

Miller has the experience — 34 years in the profession and countless trainings and courses; he has the ability — 14 years of command-level leadership; and he has the heart — love for this community in all he does.

As the election approaches, I urge everyone to closely watch what message the candidates are putting out and to make the best decision for the county. I am convinced that come election day, you will see that he is the only man for the job. Please vote for Mike Miller for Bedford County sheriff.



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