An election-letter smorgasbord

Walker for House of Delegates

Vote for Wendell Walker for delegate on Nov. 5. He will make a positive contribution to the General Assembly as the representative of the 23rd District in the House of Delegates.

As a family man he understands the importance of having good paying jobs. He opposes higher taxes and more debt. He wants a government that lives within its means. He is a lifetime member of the NRA. He believes strongly in the right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms so that they can protect themselves and their families.

Furthermore, Walker is a pro-life leader in the community fighting for the rights of the unborn.

Finally, he is a fighter. He will make sure that our public safety personnel and our first responders have the resources they need.

Wendell Walker is the man we need in the Virginia Assembly. Vote him into office on Nov. 5.



Miller backed for Bedford sheriff

I have a truly vested interest in the outcome of the Bedford County sheriff election coming up Nov. 5. I am a deputy at the sheriff’s office, and the outcome will have a big impact on me and my career.

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mike Miller for many years and have found him to be a caring and capable person, supervisor and leader. In fact, he has been my supervisor for 18 years. Miller has worked on numerous projects and initiatives over the years and some that I have been able to be a part of were his efforts to introduce K9’s in the school resource unit to provide a safe place for our children to go to school. He worked hard on establishing and promoting the drug and criminal interdiction unit that worked to identify and eliminate drug trafficking through our community and get criminals off our streets. Miller is very proactive in his approach to law enforcement and constantly pushes to find better ways as well as use traditional methods to reduce and fight crime. He pushes those who work for him to work hard for the citizens of Bedford. For years he has shown his willingness to work side by side with the men and women of the sheriff’s office by coming out and answering calls alongside them. He is not afraid to get dirty but always presents a highly ethical and professional attitude at all times.

I am hopeful for the future of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office with Miller in the lead, and I hope that you will join me in voting for him for sheriff of Bedford County.



Leamy for Bedford School Board

Martin Leamy is the best candidate for District 7 for Bedford County School Board.

As a long-time resident of the district and a parent of children who have been in BCPS, it is evident that he has been an excellent board member the past four years. He is a dedicated participant in all aspects of the job. He is very knowledgeable and understands what is best for all the students of Bedford County.

Leamy has been and will continue to be a good steward of our tax dollars. Each year, he has voted against frivolous spending on ineffective programs and the ballooning expansion of the central office. The expansion of the central office decreases overall productivity and does not significantly improve the education of our children. He knows we need to invest in maintenance on our current buildings in order to preserve the character of small community elementary schools. He realizes small school settings are the most conducive to student success and productive teacher-student relationships. He also understands the need to improve teacher morale to attract and retain quality teachers.

Leamy is the best choice to represent all of Bedford County, not just one school zone or ZIP code because of his experience and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

He needs our vote for District 7 to move Bedford County Schools forward.



Bedford needs Miller as sheriff

I normally remain out of political discussions, but recently I had the chance to speak with Mike Miller, who is running to be the sheriff of Bedford County, and ask him some pointed questions about his opinion on some important topics. I was so impressed with his positions that I felt the need to share his views with the community.

He is an avid supporter of our Constitution and expressed that he believes the Constitution was adopted to regulate government infringements on the citizens of this country, not the other way around. He not only supports the Second Amendment, but all the Articles of the Constitution as the framework of our country. As a retired member of the armed forces and someone sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, I believe this is an important trait for all those in leadership positions, especially law enforcement.

He believes that our government, both national and local, should operate with a conservative and fiscally responsible budget and that all steps should be taken to prevent wasteful spending on services that should not be administered or regulated by government bureaucrats.

He believes that one of the core functions of our government is to provide a safe and secure place to raise our families and live our lives. This is done by having a resilient and highly skilled public safety organization.

Most importantly, he feels that in order for communities to be strong, the effort to combat crime and establish safe neighborhoods falls to all members of the community, not just those in uniform. Community policing is exactly what it says: the community, businesses, public safety and citizens working together to combat those who would take advantage of others. I believe this is done by applying traditional principles and values of hard work, family foundations, religious liberties and that all people, no matter their cultural or ethnic background or political affiliations, are equal under God and bound to follow this nation’s laws in a like manner.

Please join me in voting for Mike Miller for Sheriff of Bedford County on Nov. 5.



Parker for Bedford supervisor

There are two main reasons to vote for Tammy Parker for District 7 supervisor in Bedford County: She says what she means and means what she says.

Being outspoken is a very rare quality, especially in small-town politics with the “good ole boy network.” I know she doesn’t care about social popularity or trying to please everyone. I’ve heard her say “bad politics are overriding good common sense government,” and she’s so right.

In an election year, politicians are careful to say all the right things and speak about their personal accolades, but Parker is actually talking about the issues we’re facing and holding government accountable. She’s adamant about self-serving agendas having no place on the Board of Supervisors or School Board. She’s very knowledgeable and knows how to ask the tough questions that some don’t want answered.

At a time when division has taken over our nation, state and county, we should unite behind those who will fight for equality and accountability. The residents need vocal representation on all the issues. We need elected officials who aren’t afraid of losing votes on Election Day and who don’t flip-flop on their word. This is why I’m supporting Parker for the Board of Supervisors on Nov. 5.



Miller for Bedford sheriff

The prosecutor’s choice in November’s Bedford County sheriff’s race is Mike Miller. In my time working with Miller as a Bedford County prosecutor, I was able to see his leadership up close and personal. He is clearly qualified and ready to continue the legacy of excellence that Sheriff Mike Brown leaves behind in retirement.

As part of Brown’s leadership team, Miller has worked his way up over 30 years fighting for the residents and taxpayers of Bedford from Forest to Smith Mountain Lake and everywhere in between. Bedford is a large county that connects Lynchburg with Roanoke, the area’s two largest cities. Over the years I have seen him work to back up his road deputies in their duties keeping our roads safe, our Vice and Narcotics Unit in keeping the pressure on drug dealers, helping to supply and support our Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce and equipping his investigators on the area’s highest profile homicides.

The reason the campaign’s motto, “I like Mike,” has caught on as dozens of red-shirted supporters march through festivals, parades, and events, is because he has dedicated his life to having our backs in Bedford County. For prosecutors, there is only one choice in November: Mike Miller for sheriff.



Pounding the table

There is an age old saying, “If you don’t have the law or facts on your side, pound on the table.” One could also issue a “cease and desist” letter or include threats of slander, and talk about “coups” and “lynchings.”

Obviously, threatening the messenger is a good diversionary tactic when the message can’t be refuted. It isn’t working for the current occupant of the White House, and it probably won’t work for the current head of Liberty University.



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