Writers weigh in on Bedford races

Parker, Davis for supervisor

Election time is upon us once again. In Bedford County, we will have a chance to support two members of the current Board of Supervisors — Tammy Parker in District 7 and Bob Davis in District 6.

We need supervisors who actually work on the taxpayers’ behalf to supervise the government of this county, not have the government supervise the supervisors. Parker has worked for our local government and understands the inner workings. She also served as a supervisor from 2011-2015, serving as vice chairwoman 2014 and chairwoman 2015. She has a proven record of voting to keep our tax rate low and protect the citizens.

Davis is a farmer and, also, an owner of Aqua Pros for 35 years. He understands what it takes to run a farm and to run a business — creating a budget and sticking to it and meeting weekly payroll for his employees.

Please go to the polls Nov. 5 and give Parker in District 7 and Davis in District 6 your vote of support for keeping our county well run, accountable and transparent.



Miller backed for sheriff

As a member of Bedford County Sheriff’s Department since 2011 and a prior employee of the communications center since 2006, I have seen and endured the inner workings at the office and interacted with the employees.

As former corporal and now a K9 handler, I have interacted with Capt. Mike Miller, often and daily. One thing I can say for sure; Miller fights for the women and men of the field. As the backbone of the office, the field endures high turnover to other agencies. We have great equipment and good training. However, this cannot compete with the salary. I know that Miller will keep petitioning the Board of Supervisors as Sheriff Mike Brown did for a much-needed pay increase.

Miller has supervised a number of high-profile cases that I have been a part of. During these cases, he made sure our investigations unit had the resources to complete the case. I have witnessed it first hand, case in point with the MS-13 case.

I know that he has a willingness to fight drug crime in the county. As a narcotics/patrol K9 handler, I know that he is very supportive of proactive patrols and knows it’s required. He supports the work needed to combat the drug epidemic.

The county that we serve is growing every day, and we need someone who wants to see every unit in the department grow as well, not get smaller. There is one candidate that has always loved growth, embraced new ideas, and understands the logistics needed; that is Mike Miller.

I support Cap. Mike Miller for sheriff; please cast your vote for him Nov. 5



Miller for Bedford sheriff

I came to know of Mike Miller when my parents and two young sons began volunteering for the primary election earlier this year.

I knew nothing of him, but knew the fondness my little boys showed for him. Once I met him, I quickly realized why my family believed and trusted in him.

He has been a member of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department for over 35 years. He has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of law enforcement. His credentials are impressive and speak volumes to his level of commitment to Bedford County.

Like Miller, I have been a servant to Bedford County for many years. As an educator, I have taught over 800 children in our community. He has made a commitment to keeping our children and grandchildren safe by promoting sensible school security measures. I’ve always had a genuine concern for our children and the safety of our schools. I feel so much of this burden and worry has fallen on individual schools, principals and teachers.

As educators, we should focus on providing our students with the greatest education we can provide, without having to bear so much of the worry about their safety and protection. I have observed a cycle for years where we receive police presence during required trainings and practices with our students, but not well enough beyond that.

We have a long way to go, and many strides need to be taken to ensure that all students within the county are safe and protected. I trust that he will take action and make steady change to keep our schools safe. Please vote for him for sheriff Nov. 5.



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