Why I'll vote for Trump in 2020

To all the liberals who have determined in their academic arrogance that Trump voters surely must be mentally inept hayseeds, I assure you, we are not. We have precision clarity.

Even though I did not support Donald Trump in the primaries, I voted for him for president in 2016 and will enthusiastically vote for him again in 2020. Why? Because I am a Christian. A born-again, Bible-reading, practicing Christian.

I do not put my faith in a shoe box and store it on a shelf only to pull it down when deemed appropriate. The Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God.

It is not a salad bar to pick and choose what you like and discard what you dislike. I support President Trump because he supports issues that protect and promote biblical principals. He is not a perfect person, neither am I, and in spite of what you think … neither are you.

Trump supports protecting unborn children. The murder of 60 million unborn babies is a heartbreaking abomination that will be harshly judged by God. Count on it.

Trump supports the right of Bible-believing churches to live out their faith by upholding God’s definition of marriage between one man and one woman.

Trump supports securing our borders that protect our communities, economy, and the rule of law. We are the most generous and welcoming country in the world. But, you must come here legally. However, protecting our country and culture is now considered racist by the liberal elite. Trump is the least racist person who has ever served in office. He puts people in two categories: Americans and non-Americans.

In actuality, liberals are very racist people. They give the indication that people with darker skin are somehow weaker, less smart and less capable. Thus, putting them in a category of perpetual victims always needing the guidance and protection of the liberal elite. How wrong and insulting!

Trump has created an incredible booming economy that gives every willing and able person the opportunity to earn a living and to be self-sufficient. He could care less about the color of a person’s skin. To Trump, we’re all Americans and deserve the dignity of work.

In contrast, liberals divide everybody into victim groups: skin color, genders, geography, religion and so forth. And, they are offended by everything, with Christianity and white men being at the top of their list. And they think we’re nuts?

How on earth did this divisive idiocy hijack the Democratic Party?

Then, there’s President Trump. He did something unique; he followed through on his campaign promises. You always know what’s on his mind — like it or not. To him, political correctness is crap. He’s straight forward and an equal opportunity offender. He makes no bones about it — he loves America, our exceptionalism and the flag. Trump will never go on an apology tour in foreign countries. He stands up for the American worker by equalizing trade deficits in China and other countries that take advantage of us. He’s on our side. He’s a fighter! He stands strong against the relentless barrage of bogus charges by The Wwamp and complicit media. He works hard. He has our back, and we have his. Finally, we have a president who gives us a voice. We love him for that, warts and all.

Now, do you understand why I will vote for Trump?


Lynch Station

Boonsboro Road rezoning

The request to rezone the property at 5010 Boonsboro Road from R-1 Single Family Residential to B-1C Limited Business in order to construct a bank was originally scheduled to be heard by the Lynchburg planning commission on Nov. 13 and City Council on Dec. 10.

According to the department of community development these dates have been postponed. As of late last week, the planning division did not have new dates scheduled.



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