Marveling at a judge's wise ruling

The other week, three of us from Virginia Organizing went to court to lend support to a friend whose daughter was being charged with truancy by the Lynchburg City Schools. The family is African-American, and I had the distinct impression that this case did not need to be pursued in this manner and would not have been had they been white.

What happened in the courtroom surprised and encouraged me.

After hearing testimony of the Lynchburg City Schools official and of the young woman’s father and mother and of the young woman herself, the judge made an interesting finding. First, he found the young woman not guilty of violating the court order concerning her attendance in school because she had medically documented conditions that caused the absences. Then he referred to the young woman’s testimony that she did not feel she had a relationship with the school personnel, that it seemed to her that for them that she was merely occupying a seat. He said he was concerned that if the situation that had brought her to court continued, Lynchburg City Schools might “wash their hands” of her because they did not know how to relate to her.

The judge then spoke of the training he had attended called “Black Minds Matter,” which is designed to enable black students to excel in school by creating positive relationships. When he looked out into the courtroom, he saw that one of the three of us who had come to support the family had attended the same training with him. The judge then appointed a guardian ad litem to investigate this case and help the family find viable options to solve the situation.

What a wise finding, and what a good thing it would be if members of the School Board and school administrators received “Black Minds Matter” training!



Free-spending liberals

After seeing the outcome of Lynchburg City Council’s stupid vote for the less than a mile of sidewalk, I was both amazed and amused.

With all the needs in the city, they decide, in their infinite stupidity, to throw almost $10 million at a sidewalk to assist four or five people. To further demonstrate this lack of brainpower on City Council, a local TV station ran a story last night on a lady on Garfield Avenue who needed a sidewalk due to her health conditions and was denied. Local citizens stepped up and fixed it for her.

Considering that these progressives love to spend other people’s money, everyone in the city who lives on a street, or in a subdivision without sidewalks, should mobilize and demand that council fix their streets and neighborhoods. They have established precedent, so you folks need to pressure these free-spending liberals to get your piece of the pie.

The answer to this whole fiasco is simple: Quit electing socialist/Marxist individuals who want to destroy this country from the local area to the national landscape, and elect people who are fiscally responsible and want to grow and expand, not diminish and destroy.

To close, I must say that I look forward to the demise of the downtown and all the finger pointing that will ensue. Maybe then you voters will finally wake up.



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