Is Trump the best GOP can do?

Most of the Republicans that I know are decent, law-abiding, God-loving, loyal and patriotic citizens. How is it then that they have Donald Trump as their standard-bearer? Is he the face of the Republican Party? Is he their moral leader?

The following are just some of the terms and phrases that come to mind when thinking about Trump: adultery; alienates allies; arrogant; back-stabber; bad speller; banning of LED light bulbs; bedfellows with China, North Korea, Russia, the fossil fuel industry and the NRA; bigot; braggart; schoolyard bully; cheat; cover-up of indiscretions; cronyism; descension; divider; draft dodger; ego maniac; embezzler; entitled; extortion; failure; filterless; fraud; global warming; homophobic; hostile; hush money; “greatest scientist ever”; lack of accountability, morals, respect and transparency; laughingstock of the world; Master of Superlatives; mocker of those with disabilities; name caller; non-Christlike; non-presidential; Oedipus Rex complex; ORANGE; pardons convicted cronies and criminals; pathological liar; pays no income tax and brags about it; pervert; Pied Piper; political opportunist; prostitution; racist; separates families and incarcerates innocent children; thief; toxic; white supremacist; womanizer; and xenophobic.

I am sure there are many more, but you get the picture. Anyone who is honest with him/herself can recall examples which support every one of the above.

Is the Republican Party so desperate that he is the best they have to offer? I know of many good Republicans who would be great as president. If Trump were a Democrat, I bet the Republicans would be all over him in regard to the above!

Why are Republicans so blind or unwilling to admit that he is an embarrassment to the party, the United States and the world? Why will no one except Mitt Romney have the moral fortitude to speak out against him and his antics? The reason is simple — should anyone speak out against him; he would slaughter them on social media.

If this is the best they can offer, then the party is doomed and so is our country!



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