Council, LCS reinvent the wheel

Lynchburg City Council will soon create the official Department of Redundancy after the city-school leadership team recommended creation of a task force complete with a steering committee and five subcommittees “to address the future of education in Lynchburg.”

Not wanting to be too critical of the Lynchburg City School Board but according to the intended mission, this is pretty much the same thing that is required of the School Board in fulfilling their duties in meeting the Standards of Quality; in particular Standard 6, Planning and Public Involvement.

Unfortunately, this and previous boards have failed terribly in performing their duties, especially regarding the school’s Comprehensive Plan which, among other things, requires a forecast of enrollment changes and a plan for projecting and managing enrollment changes including consideration of the consolidation of schools to provide for a more comprehensive and effective delivery of instructional services to students and economies in school operations. Not in our Comp Plan.

Code of Virginia 22.1-79, Powers and Duties of the School Board, also requires School Board members provide for the consolidation of schools or redistricting of school boundaries or adopt pupil assignment plans whenever such procedure will contribute to the efficiency of the school division. Not in our schools.

Now that the horse has left the barn, with enrollments down more than 530 for the past five years, the new task force subcommittee “also will investigate recent trends in declining enrollments.” Just a little late maybe? Worse yet, we won’t get any recommendations until 2022 budget time!

Pay attention people, this is exactly how do-nothing bureaucracies work. Create a leadership team, a task force, a steering committee and subcommittees, then wait two more years … but hide your billfold while waiting.



Money not the solution

Here is some recent information from The News & Advance: Lynchburg City Schools held two separate public meetings to address chronic absenteeism. Zero people attended.

So let’s do what Lynchburg City Council and the School Board always do and throw more money at the problem. That will fix it, and perhaps next time we can get at least two people to attend.



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