Writer: Robey has skills for job

This year’s election cycle will be no different from those of the past. The closer we get to Election Day, the bad to worse descriptions of candidates inevitably come. With all of the negativity, many an excellent candidate chooses not to run.

So rather than making this Republican primary for Bedford County sheriff on June 11 about negatives, consider good and better. From my interactions with Mike Miller and Kent Robey, both have been honorable and have operated with integrity. Both are Bedford boys. Both have made law enforcement their career path. From that perspective, both would be a good candidate for sheriff.

So which one would be better? Robey chose to enhance his skills with higher education. He made the decision to leave the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and serve the citizens of this nation in a state and federal capacity. He learned law enforcement options and techniques outside Bedford County that will serve the residents of this county well in the turbulent years ahead. Robey is a veteran.

I will vote for the better qualified candidate on June 11 — Kent Robey. I encourage you to do the same.



Tariffs are taxes. Period

I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by each new revelation of President Trump’s complete ignorance of the rudiments of governance. Not only would he fail the basic civics test required of all naturalized citizens, he would flunk the first week of Economics 101.

His proposed tariffs on Mexican imports — starting at 5 percent and increasing by 5 percent monthly to a maximum of 25 percent — are tax increases on the American public, pure and simple. Mexico is no more paying for them than it is for Trump’s border wall.

According to a study from the right-leaning Tax Foundation (cited in The Hill), current tariffs already would increase revenues by $69 billion, or about 0.32 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The 5 percent tariff would increase this figure to about 0.40 percent of GDP. Tax increases under then-President Bill Clinton in 1993 led to revenues of about 0.36 percent of GDP. If the White House makes good on its threats of 25 percent on all Chinese and Mexican imports, the revenues would reach 1.45 percent of GDP, a figure last reached after a 1968 tax increase that helped fund the Vietnam War.

I guess this is one way to make up for the hit to the deficit created by the GOP tax cuts. People too stupid to know they’re stupid are generally harmless—except for the ones to whom we foolishly grant power.



The danger of rip currents

Summer is not even officially underway and already The News & Advance reports on a drowning at the Outer Banks (May 28, “Blacksburg Man Dies After Being Caught in Rip Current”).

Rip currents are naturally occurring narrow channels of fast-moving water that are prevalent along the coasts of the U.S. and can move at speeds of up to eight feet per second. They don’t grab swimmers and pull them under, but they will pull swimmers away from shore. If you don’t know how to swim and a rip current pulls you out to water above your head, then you are likely to drown; if you don’t understand the current and try to swim against it, you can wear yourself out and possibly drown.

Rip currents don’t cause people to drown; panic and the inability to swim do. A person who knows how to swim can swim out of the rip current and angle back to shore using waves to help them in. I would love to see the News and Advance take every opportunity to encourage its readers to learn to swim and to stay safe this summer. The YMCA, Parks and Recreation and summer pools offer classes for all ages.



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