More guns will make us oh-so safer

The “Hundreds flock to gun show at River Ridge” article on the front page June 23 issue of The News & Advance confirmed why most of my immediate family decided to settle in the peaceful confines of the Lynchburg area.

The gun show was reportedly a smashing success with a record number of men in attendance. According to Craig Pettitt, Liberty University’s vice president of retail real estate, “it just shows if you bring the right events, people will come.”

In light of the growing number of senseless mass shootings in our country, it is comforting to know that more of my neighbors will be armed with more fire power, including AR-15 style rifles. We live in a relatively safe community and it needs to stay that way.

Our homegrown well regulated militia will help keep the bad guys at bay and continue to make Lynchburg a safe place for my family to call home.



Right to abortion not ours to give

An article on the front page of the May 21 issue of The News & Advance implied that the “right” to have an abortion is within any government’s power to grant.

All aspects of reproduction are God’s alone to control. Only he can allow conception to take place, or not. He is the creator of all life, and has not given authority over human life to anyone else except as set out in the Bible to control evil.

It is certainly irresponsible to allow or encourage anyone to kill their unborn child, without knowing that they are doing so. This subjects them the consequences — both physical and mental — of their actions. God has given us his word on the subject in the Bible because he loves us and wants what’s best for us.

Nine months of pregnancy will usually result in a healthy child whom someone else can love, if they don’t have the resources to do so. It is well worth the time spent being obedient to God, and he will bless you abundantly.

As the mother of eight adult children, I speak from experience.



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