Trump the most maligned? Ha!

Several letters to the editor full of praise for President Trump have appeared recently in The News & Advance.

His supporters think he has has been unfairly maligned, more than any other president. Do they remember the disgusting pictures featuring Barack Obama, during his presidency, depicting him in primitive tribal dress? Do they remember first lady Michelle Obama being referred to as an ape?

How do the president’s supporters feel about someone in his office who can’t be bothered to read briefing papers? That is a fact confirmed by many White House aides, including former chief of staff Gen. John Kelley and former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis. How do they feel about him kissing up to Kim Jong-Un, a dictator who has not made a single concession concerning his nuclear armament? How do they feel about Ivanka Trump being included in recent G-20 meetings with world leaders? She wasn’t elected or confirmed by Congress for anything, but there she was on the world stage, with no previous political or diplomatic experience, simply because she’s the president’s daughter. How do supporters feel about her husband, Jared Kushner, in meetings and briefed on situations that then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was unaware of? What do they think of Trump’s recent reversal on a strike on Iran, which he had approved? He said he changed his mind when he learned 150 people would likely die. Did he not consider casualties when he originally approved the strike?

The president was legally elected by virtue of the Electoral College, although he received more than 3 million votes fewer than his opponent did. A letter recently ended with, “For the sake of the United States, we need to resolve our differences and bring sanity back to politics.” I agree completely. Our current president resorts to childish, degrading nicknames for any opponent, and even for anyone in his own administration whom he perceives to fail him. Is that any way to resolve our differences and bring sanity back to politics?



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