I didn't and won't vote for Trump

Donald Trump is an odious person, to be sure. But that is not the only reason I voted against him in 2016 and will do so again in 2020. Here a few of my reasons:

» He did not drain The Swamp, he replaced it with The Cesspool.

» He has insulted and alienated our friends and allies while playing footsie with gangster regimes, thugs and self-styled autocrats like himself.

» His immigration policies and programs are inane, incompetent, ineffective and immoral.

» By his example, he has encouraged others to view white supremacy and xenophobia as acceptable and even laudable.

» He views the presidency as his personal possession instead of a role of service to the American people. He has tried to use it to crush his enemies. He and his family have also used it to enrich themselves.

» He is trying to make the executive branch dominate over the legislative and judicial branches of government — to his own advantage. He is trying to eliminate the power of the free press. He calls any criticism of himself “fake news.”

» But he and his allies are the ones who generate “fake news.” He is a proven liar and has surrounded himself with liars and criminals.

» He refuses to accept the reality of Russian interference in our elections, rejecting the conclusions of everyone else (except his toadies and admirers).

» He refuses to accept the reality of climate change so that he can protect his investments in the fossil fuel industry.

» He aims to cause irreparable damage to environmental and consumer protections.

» He has passed a tax cut that only benefits the rich. He takes credit for the gains in employment and wages that began in 2010 and have continued in spite of his programs.

» His imposition of tariffs is a result of his overwhelming but unjustified self-confidence that places winning over everything else. He is still playing the children’s game, “King of the Mountain”.

» He has the mentality, competence and knowledge of an 8-year-old.

And a word to evangelical Christians: If you think Trump cares about the lives of the unborn, you are mistaken. Trump is not pro-life or pro-choice. He is only pro-Trump.

If you think he will restore Christianity to its “rightful place” in society, you are deluded.

It is too bad you can’t see this. (See 2 Thessalonians 2:11)



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