An insider's perspective of LU

I just read an outstanding opinion article on The Washington Post’s website. The perspective was written by none other than the recent grad and former editor of the Liberty Champion, Will E. Young.

The piece painted a detailed portrait of the reality of Liberty University life.

A university dedicated to the advancement of Jerry Falwell Jr., the use of surveillance on faculty and students to instill fear into detractors is described. The authoritarian suppression of dissent to project a public image of unity is spelled out in detail. The horrible employment terms of the faculty that have resulted in academic chaos is explained. The expulsion from the board of trustees of long-time sponsor and family friend Mark DeMoss for his obedience to Christ is exposed to the world in dramatic fashion.

All this coming from a student that Falwell Jr. sought to enslave and silence. Tsk, tsk. Who’s being schooled now, JJ?


Madison Heights

‘Be proud of your ancestors’

Having read the article on page A2 in the July 29 issue of The News & Advance about the Jamestown 400th anniversary which repeats all that has been written for the last four days, I had hoped that Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and Del. Lamont Bagby, chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, could set a good example of their pride in the Africans who were brought here, multiplied and were the labor that built many of the early buildings and plantations, by attending this special event.

Knowing the history of the times and the results of the hard labor should make this generation proud of their ancestors. They could boast of what they gave the country where they now live. They could also try to clean up some of their neighborhoods that are unliveable. Everyone could help.

Gov. Ralph Northam “joined in inviting the president last year,” which is the proper thing to have done since we are one nation. All groups should enjoy and be proud of our ancestors’ efforts.

Our duly elected president was invited, and he should be there. Name calling since the day after Election Day in 2016 is what is dividing our country. The president did not start it. The reaction to the results of that election did.



‘Confidence and joy’

Recently, Speaker of the House Pelosi said she has confidence and joy in the fact that there is diversity in the opinion of Democratic Party ranks.

Seriously? Confidence and joy in the opinions of Democratic politicians who would kill babies after they are born; confidence and joy about politicians who want an open border (that would destroy us as a sovereign nation); confidence and joy with politicians who think Israel should be our enemy; confidence and joy with politicians who want to raise taxes; confidence and joy with politicians who think brown people should only speak for brown people and black people should only speak for black people; confidence and joy with politicians who support tearing down historic statues; confidence and joy with politicians who favor sanctuary cities over the rights of American citizens; and confidence and joy with politicians who equate our border patrol agents with Nazis?

There is nothing in these opinions that should spark confidence or joy in American citizens. What they really spark is disgust and unbelief that American politicians could hold these beliefs.



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