What's wrong with gun proposals?

This letter is in response to H.V. Traywick Jr.’s Jan. 10 letter to the editor, “A defense against socialism.”

I just don’t understand the “hysteria” over the need to establish a sanctuary city for gun ownership in our state. Exactly how does my desire for sensible gun legislation make me a socialist? Can we at least agree that gun ownership is not safe for all people?

I find it ironic that the front-page story in The News & Advance that same day was about a murder committed by a delusional person during a domestic dispute. The shooter committed the act near her own children. She killed her husband over custody. This family was well known to the police and court system. It was clear in the body of the story that the woman struggled with mental illness. Now, two children will live out their lives as orphans struggling with unimaginable loss and stability. It’s amazing that a single bullet can cause such collateral damage.

Like the friends who take the keys away from an intoxicated driver, we need to provide our law enforcement the added tool of temporary gun restraint. Our court system is best suited for supervising due process for those who stand to be a threat to themselves or the community. Slowing the rate of gun purchases will allow time for adequate background checks, and tracking purchases to safe homes. Guns are dangerous, and not safe in the hands of everybody. Can we at least agree to that?



Watch out for the kids!

On Jan. 6, I was stopped behind a city school bus that was loading elementary students. Its sign was out, and the lights were flashing. An oncoming car going above the speed limit approached the bus. He drove right past the bus without slowing down. I honked my horn, but he didn’t acknowledge me.

As luck would have it, a Lynchburg police car rounded the corner. The bus driver shared what had happened, and the officer hurried to pursue the offender. I could see in my rear view mirror that they were successful in apprehending the driver.

Thank you to our Lynchburg Police Department for making our streets safe for our youngest residents!



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