N&A gun hearing article 'slanted'

The News & Advance’s Jan. 15 article concerning the City Council meeting about the Second Amendment sanctuary city demands was biased. You failed to mention that the reason the large majority of attendees were pro-gun is because they lined up at 4 p.m. in large numbers stretching all the way to Langhorne Road. They were exquisitely organized and as soon as they were allowed admittance set up a organization table to reach every attendee with their demand proposal and a sticker. Good lobbying; however, given this “stacking” of the attendance in order to shut out others with opposing views, it was not a good, fair representation.

No mention was made of that group’s persistent heckling and attempts to drown out anyone who disagreed, even after many calls by council to respect other speakers and to cease booing and interrupting. So much for their interest in the First Ammendment! The buisness in the auditorium was, in reality, overrun by gun advocates without regard for the council (whom they offered various veiled and frank threats) or to the common sense advocates through heckling and a planned takeover of the meeting.

Leaving out these details makes it appear that they are the majority of voters in the issue regardless of what may or may not be the case. This was their strategy.

Another piece of strategy was to frequently reference California’s gun policies which they insist will be repeated in Virginia if any change were made to our present gun laws. The “slippery slope” argument was repeated by almost every gun-advocate speaker. They likened any gun regulation to Nazi Germany and dictatorships. They railed against “socialist” progressives complaining that the General Assembly was acting as despots (ignoring the fact that they were duly elected by the majority.) Many insisted that rich “Bloomberg’s money and people like him” bought off those legislators. Dog whistle, anyone?

The N&A article contained no comments by the gun advocates’ opposition, even though there were several speakers who made cogent, intelligent and reasoned responses. This is slanted journalism.

By far the most disturbing aspect of the group’s voiced intentions (and not reported here) is their promise to defend not only themselves, but all of us “sheep” who disagree. They said they see themselves as the people’s militia, our guardians and protectors, prepared to use their arms to get what they want in the name of protecting (their personal interpretations, of and not the Supreme Court’s) Constitution. Their flaunting of City Council’s rules of attendance does not bode at all well for their gun strategy of ignoring gun laws.

These folks who are bullying and advocating for rule by their weapons are a clear and present danger to the Constitution, our country’s peace and perhaps its very existence. The country lies in the balance. Your depiction of the meeting is skewed and its raucous disruption, takeover and threats need to be made known to the Lynchburg residents.


Madison Heights

Vote to preserve city’s history

Please vote today for the Anne Spencer museum.

Our city’s Anne Spencer House and Gardens and her personal cottage (or “she shed”) called “Edankraal” is among the gems of Lynchburg. I’ve been there many times and enjoyed taking friends who are amazed by it too!

The Anne Spencer House currently is competing with nine other Virginia organizations for a $1,000 donation to help restore a valuable painting there. If you would like to help, your vote is needed by day’s end on Wednesday.

Simply point your web browser to this website, vamuseums.org/vote-2019-top-10-endangered-artifacts. To learn more, enjoy Casey Gillis’ feature in the Jan. 19 issue of The News & Advance.



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