Thanks to council for its 2A vote

The whole Second Amendment Sanctuary city issue has sadly not brought out the best in us as a city. I for one am proud of the hard working dedicated public servants on Lynchburg City Council who voted to leave this issue where it belongs, in the legislative body of the Commonwealth of Virginia in Richmond that formulates our laws.

And further, that they did not succumb to pressure to sanction the picking and choosing of which laws we as a city decide to enforce and obey or not, as so many surrounding counties have done. It is our duty and theirs to respect our laws, and work to change them if we so desire.

The passion surrounding the gun control issue has truly become excessive, simply because efforts are being made in Richmond, finally, to enact some basic, common-sense restrictions that might in some meaningful ways cut down on the horrific amount of gun carnage we have witnessed in this state and throughout the country — without any intention of taking everyone’s guns away!

The large and noisy crowd that appeared at the public hearing held recently at E.C. Glass High School was disrespectful of those who disagreed with them, and while a significant number of them no doubt came in from the counties, they somehow assumed they spoke for some 80,000 Lynchburg residents and that their wishes should automatically be endorsed by our City Council.

Most concerning, since the public hearing and the council vote, there have been numerous actions taken by local gun enthusiasts intended to intimidate and frighten the council members who did the right thing — appearing at their homes to take pictures, posting them on social media with veiled threatening messages, sending them emails that are personal and beyond crude and disgusting, threatening to unseat them and so forth. I don’t think any of us should condone this kind of uncivil discourse in our community, no matter how passionate we feel about any issue.

The bottom line is that council needs to stay focused on the pressing bread-and-butter issues of governing that they were elected to deal with — education, infrastructure, zoning issues, the budget — not symbolic issues over which they have no control.



Cline on wrong side of history

I’m tired and angry. Rep. Ben Cline, R-Sixth District, has recently come out against the Equal Rights Amendment. He claims it will lead to abortion upon demand. But, the repeated claim of opponents that the ERA would require government to allow “abortion on demand” is a clear misrepresentation of existing federal and state laws and court decisions.The fact is, it is just another excuse, and he is not listening.

This is like the excuses used when women fought to vote: “It would never do for women to vote it would lead to such divisions in families,” “the polls are not decent places for women at present,” “I should not like to hear my wife speak at a town meeting,” “women are sufficiently represented already through her influence on men.”

All the amendment is simply asking for is that the rights affirmed by the U.S. Constitution are held equally by all citizens without regard to their sex.

Ask Rep. Cline how he could cloud constitutional rights through his own biases and fears. History is not on his side.



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