Always be prepared to respond

I’m writing in response to the Jan. 4 article, “Two Lynchburg McDonald’s employees shot; police seek suspect.” Once again another act of violence has transpired in the city. 2020 begins with random acts of shootings and stabbings with three incidents reported just in the last few days.

Incidents such as these and other preventable types of injuries such as motor vehicle accidents are the leading causes of death not only in the United States but in Virginia for people 1 to 44 years of age. There also is concern of injuries from weather incidents such as tornadoes, mass shootings and domestic acts of terrorism.

There is one way that you can prepare to respond to traumatic incidents that can make a difference in the outcomes of those involved.

Stop the Bleed is a program that was introduced to prepare the public to act before emergency services arrive. The most common cause of death from an injury is bleeding, and there are times where you can stop that bleeding that may mean a difference in someone’s survival.

Please take a moment to prepare yourself to respond should you have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can seek information on the course at or



Editor’s note: The writer is a registered nurse and paramedic.

Thumbs down to ‘Thumbs Up’

For many years I have enjoyed nearly every item in the weekly “Checking Up …” editorial by The News & Advance on the Opinion page. However, the one congratulating Liberty University on its bowl win in the Jan. 4 paper ended in very poor taste.

The N&A regularly puts Liberty athletic items as the top story on the sports pages, even when other Virginia universities have accomplished bigger things. Congratulations are in order to Liberty for its bowl win in their second FBS season (even if you consider the substantial overall losing record of their combined regular season opponents to put things into perspective), because Liberty did what they had to do to qualify for a bowl in the current system.

However, what about maybe singing the praises of another local university like JMU since they will once again be competing for an FCS championship this week, which was something Liberty never did in their many years in FCS?

The congratulations to Liberty would have been fine, but to make a negative passive aggressive statement at the end of the article that “They also were the only college football team from Virginia to win their bowl game, as the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech went down in defeat” was completely uncalled for. Many other Virginia universities that have significant academic and athletic accomplishments such as William & Mary, JMU, VCU, ODU (to name a few) deserve just as much coverage in the Lynchburg area.

Win or lose, all these schools make their Lynchburg area alumni and fans proud when they compete ... even the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech in those times of defeat to much tougher competition.



Eyesore at the airport

I was recently reminded that some things aren’t always thought through to the end.

While waiting for my outgoing flight from Lynchburg the other morning I could not help but wonder why, after all these years, what appears to be a jetway was placed at one of the gates at our otherwise quaint little airport. The monstrosity that now blocks almost all the windows looks more like an overturned container truck that someone forgot about.

Remove this pointless eyesore or explain why the form and functionality of LYH suddenly changed.



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