Del. Fariss and his insulin vote

On Feb. 3, Delegate Matt Fariss, R-Rustburg, who serves much of Campbell County and Appomattox County, was the only delegate in the General Assembly who voted against capping the cost of insulin.

This was not a partisan vote or a partisan issue. Ninety-nine of his fellow delegates, including everyone else in his party, voted in support of making life-saving insulin affordable to Virginians. An estimated 631,194 Virginians have diabetes, and in 2015, 2,044 deaths were reported as being related to diabetes. That number includes those who could not afford their insulin.

We need to hold Del. Fariss accountable for his actions against the people of Campbell and Appomattox. I hope you will join me in reaching out to his office.



The Divided States of America

A few years back, I wrote a letter to The News & Advance stating my belief that our country had become permanently divided, and the years since that letter has proven me to have been correct.

The issues that has divided us more than all the other reasons is that racism is alive and well in the Country. After we reached the milestone of electing the first black man as president, a man who above all showed the world total class and respect. The effect of that on a large segment of the population was those who may have had some subtle thoughts inside themselves could no longer be contained.

In their blind hatred of President Obama, they could help themselves to the countless lies they attacked him with, first and foremost their racist attacks that he was not from America and he was a Muslim, all driven by their racist-infested minds. So what did they do, they elected the mentally defective man who beat that drum, Donald Trump.

The defining moment that this thin-skinned man who spent his whole life screwing over people with his many bankruptcies, who many times showed us he was racist even before he decided to try his con artistry in the world of politics. It was the night of the Correspondents Dinner when then-President Obama threw out some jokes at this man. Instead he did what a thin-skinned, spoiled kid would do: He became enraged and to this day he still cannot get over that night. He began to plot his revenge as a juvenile delinquent would do. But his far more sinister plan was to run for president, which he had flirted with on occasion but this time he was going for it.

So somehow this so-called billionaire (if he actually is one), had to convince a segment of the population he was one of them. His plan was to capitalize on the racism that has always existed just it was relegated to the mostly rural parts of America, he also knew there were those neo-Nazi groups and white nationalists out there who basically didn’t participate in the political process. He saw that opening, all they needed was a “Great White Hope” who would promise them with lies he could “Make America White Again.”

Political hacks around him fed into this with some guidance to exploit it, capitalizing on the growing fear in those parts of America who saw the demographic shift in America as a threat to them. They see it as the brown and black people are taking over their white America, and they found just the man to fix that.

Well look now after three years where that has gotten us. We now have a pathological liar and a narcissist in the White House, a man who has no decency, no moral character, no respect for the rule of law. And now we see the whole Republican Party has sold what little souls they had left to this traitor.

But know this: We will restore our country again, and justice will come to all those who enabled this sycophant. But I do not ever see this country becoming the United States of America again. We may as well accept it.


Madison Heights

What message is sent?

U.S. senators seem to have every perk imaginable. But, why was the topic of abuse of power closed so quickly and so finally? The message was sent clearly that abuse of power is not wrong or it never happened. Do some of these senators fear their own whistle blowers, and is that why this important topic had to disappear?

My real objection is that a trial should have witnesses. What was so frightening about John Bolton? This country has publicly declared that abuse of power as a topic is not significant enough to examine. For many senators, this horror is considered acceptable.



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