When we have an immoral leader

In response to Pastor Travis Witt’s Dec. 27 letter to the editor, “Minister: I stand by the president,” I think it important to say that he misrepresents those who oppose the president’s immorality.

This president does not care about the life of children; otherwise, he would not have 10,000 children in cages, separated from their parents, at our borders. Their lives matter. Those unborn? Let women and their doctors decide; that is not up to you or me.

Those who oppose this president support the police, but not those who go rogue and racially profile.

And caring for those in need is not a matter of either/or. We must provide mental health and housing services for our vets. But it is inhumane to incarcerate children and not care for them.

Our president should not be a pope, as Witt says, but we should expect morality and decency. He displays neither in his personal and public behavior. Love your neighbor; treat the least of these with decency. This man does neither. Christianity Today spoke truth to power.



LU and its think tank

What a silly notion: Liberty University developing a “think tank.” Relax. Put that absurd idea out of your head. In order to have a “think tank,” it must be staffed with people who are capable of “thinking,” that is, someone capable of creative, analytical, critical and imaginative thinking. Indoctrination doesn’t fit the definition.

LU and a “think tank” are polar opposites — a dichotomy — mutually exclusive — an oxymoron — contradictory terms. It’s an intelligent sounding way to continue to line the pockets of donors and cronies, probably a “moron” without the “oxy.”



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