Miller backed for Bedford sheriff

If sheriffs were selected like other jobs, candidates would have to submit an application to be reviewed by those making a hiring decision. On that application, applicants/candidates would list their work history and qualifications. This would determine the most qualified person for the job. The application would include their experience in the multitude of tasks that the job will require. Ultimately, leading to the most qualified person being hired for the job.

Well, a campaign for sheriff is slightly different. When running for office there are no minimum requirements, so anyone can throw their hat into the ring. Additionally, it is often a popularity contest, by which candidates can say the words , or make promises to a particular group in order to get their support.

However, if, we, the voting public approach our duty to vote with the same mentality as one tasked with hiring the most qualified candidate Mike Miller stands out as the most experienced and qualified person for the job. He has decades of experience in the field of law enforcement and numerous years of experience in leadership and decision making roles. No other candidate for Bedford County sheriff can match Miller on these qualifications.

Furthermore, Miller is involved in many other activities outside his job as deputy sheriff, including that of pastor. So, when the final applications are reviewed let’s make sure the most qualified person for the job is selected,

Vote Miller for Bedford County Sheriff this November.



Remember we’re Americans

Blacks were once asked to recite the “Preamble” to the United States Constitution prior to being allowed to register to vote. It was not until 1971 that Paul “Bear” Bryant signed Alabama’s first black football player.

Fake news ... “the evil media” ... God help us if the United States of America succumbs to a social bias which subverts a free and open press. Thomas Jefferson made it clear that a democracy, in order to survive, requires that freedom.

This is not about one political party being upset with an election loss. It is not about socialism.

We are a divided country. Some may argue that we always have been and that by being divided we keep the scales of justice balanced. Keeping us in check. Feeding a healthy democratic process.

I care about our nation and believe in its future. I am also humbled by our youth. I firmly feel that the documents that serve to guide us are the same guiding principles that draw, to us, people from all over the planet.

Let us do what is right. Let us strive to serve. Let us love one another.



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