Whose side do you stand on?

“What God has joined together, let no one put asunder” is part of the Christian marriage service. Some version of this idea appears in all religions. From the united couple emerge the family: husband, wife, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts uncles, cousins, who in earlier times, lived in clans and formed the foundation of government. Family is considered sacred throughout the world. Ask anyone what is the most important thing to you and most people will answer, my family.

And yet our government is in the business, daily, of destroying families. Our government separates families of certain immigrants, takes children from their parents, siblings from each other, husbands from wives. these immigrants who have been welcome here in years past now have become unacceptable. They have been disparaged as rapists, murderers and drug dealers, rendering us justified in doing whatever it takes to keep them from crossing our borders. Why are we so afraid? Do we think we can control and keep out of our country dark-skinned people who outnumber the white race globally? Is it that whites fear the loss of political control they haves enjoyed so long?

It is arrogant and ignornant to believe we can trample on the sacred laws of God. We do so at our own peril. Now is exactly when we need to remember that law of cause and effect: Whatsoever we sow; that shall we reap, not only individually, but collectively, nationally. We risk bringing down on our nation a consequence none of us wants. And we should remember also the warning of Jesus — What profits a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his soul?

When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey, people went before him strewing palm leaves and singing Hosanna to the son of David. Not a week later Pontius Pilate presented two men before a crowd and asked them to choose whom he should release, Barabbas, a murderer, or Jesus. The people chose Barabbas. As for Jesus, they cried out, “Crucify him.” We are led to believe the two crowds were made up of the same people, but I believe some in the second group were planted, “bused in” if you will, to play a role for certain Pharisees who wanted to get rid of Jesus.

Now is the time to remember, or learn, that universal laws, — the sacred laws of God — work inexorably for the believer and the nonbeliever alike just like the law of gravity works whether we believe in it or not, whether we even know it or not. Remember gravity. And because we are all one, whatever we do to any other, we do to Christ, even if we don’t believe in Christ or God. Again, think gravity! We can try to serve two masters by denying the dire consequences of incongruity, but the truth is, none of us can.

We can act against our conscience only so long before it begins to break us down — alcohol or drug abuse, marriage failure, degenerative disease — but it will destroy us sooner of later, especially those of us who are churchgoing Christians who may, through ignorance and arrogance, have sold our souls to Satan in our willingness to follow the crowd and chant “Lock her up!” “Send them back!” “Crucify him!” Now is the hour of choice. Whom shall we choose, Satan or the Living Lord?

Let us hope that, like Joshua, we will say with conviction, “As for me and my house, we will follow the Living Lord.” And when God asks, “Whom shall I send?” like the faithful servant, let us answer, “Here am I, Lord. Send me!”



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