State, local races in the final days

Gunter for Campbell supervisor

I want to give my support for Eddie Gunter who is running for the Concord District of Campbell County Board of Supervisors.

I sat on the board for eight years with him and found him to be a man of honesty and integrity. He not only represents the Concord District but always looks at what is best for the entire county. His dedication to addressing the needs of the school system, public safety and law enforcement in order to meet the requirements expected in today’s world is tireless.

Gunter has a strong commitment to attend community functions in order to meet and listen to the peoples concerns. This value is needed to stay well-informed.

With the many new board members, it is essential to have an experienced person that understand the history of the board and county as well as looking forward to the future.

I am proud to endorse Eddie Gunter. Please vote on Nov. 5.



Walker for delegate

Nov. 5 is a very important day for Virginia taxpayers. Those who believe in public safety (no sanctuary cities in Virginia) and the rights of the unborn should vote for Wendell Walker on Nov. 5 to represent the 23rd District of the House of Delegates in the General Assembly.

I have known Walker for 30 years and have watched him actively supporting conservative candidates. He is a knowledgable Virginia gentleman and would represent us well in Richmond.



Byron supports law enforcement

As sheriff of Lynchburg I am asking you to join me in my support for Del. Kathy Byron and vote for her on Nov. 5. I appreciate the assistance that the men and women of the Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office have received from her over the past 17 plus years as she advocated for local public safety.

Law enforcement professionals and all first responders put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. They need strong, effective lawmakers standing up for their interests and needs in Richmond.

Byron has been a strong, consistent supporter of law enforcement in the General Assembly, and she has earned our vote on Nov. 5.

She understands the importance of providing the funding necessary to ensure sheriff’s offices and police departments throughout Virginia have the tools they need to protect our citizens and enforce our laws. To help localities retain experienced deputies and officers, Byron has supported state budgets that included pay raises for law enforcement and addressed key issues related to salary compensation.

Byron has also been accessible and responsive to the advice and input of law enforcement leaders. When local officials need assistance from Richmond or have a challenge related to state government, they know they can count on her to stand up for them.

For the past 22 years, Byron has been standing up for family values, public safety and education for the people of our region in Richmond. Throughout her time as delegate, she has been a steadfast friend of law enforcement and a faithful protector of our families. She deserves our continued support and has earned our vote on Nov. 5.

Please help your local law enforcement agencies keep your family safe with your vote for her.



City of Lynchburg

Clark for Campbell sheriff

I am writing to endorse Whit Clark for Campbell County sheriff.

I am a Rustburg High School graduate and began my public service career as a deputy sheriff with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and as a special education teacher at Rustburg Middle School. Many of my friends and family reside in Campbell County thus I have a vested interest in their future.

I have worked with Clark for more than 30 years; this is what I know to be true about him.

He has character; he is honest and of the highest integrity.

He has courage; he is not afraid to address head on the challenges of being your sheriff.

He has compassion; he understands that law enforcement officers must be caring, understanding and compassionate to everyone.

In addition to his vast experience; he is a college graduate with a B.S. degree in organizational management, and he has completed two prestigious law enforcement executive training programs along with many other training programs.

He’s endorsed by the vast majority of current and retired Campbell County deputies, as well as by many local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. He is endorsed by many teachers, the list of endorsements is huge.

The reason so many folks endorse him is because he has earned their trust and respect through his service as a professional law enforcement officer in Campbell County and Lynchburg.

Clark is a good man with a good heart, and I encourage you to vote for him for Campbell County sheriff.



Martin for Amherst supervisor

First off, I would like to thank the residents of Amherst County for the support and guidance during my four years on the Board of Supervisors. I have truly learned a lot. Sadly, due to health reasons I am running again this year.

Luckily, there is someone well qualified and willing to take my place as representative from District 1. That person is Tom Martin. Heis a lifelong resident of Amherst. His qualifications include being a long-time city planner for the City of Lynchburg which familiarizes him with the workings of government and specifically how to plan for the future five to 10 years out, as well as organizing how things should work today. He is familiar with working with the current Amherst Board of Supervisors in his capacity as chairman of the Amherst County Public Safety Council and fire chief of the Amherst Volunteer Fire Department.

Although he is running unopposed, I respectfully request all the voting residents of District 1 to vote on Nov. 5 and show your support for him.

Along that line, I urge all residents of Amherst County and the surrounding localities to get out and vote on Nov. 5. There is so much at stake not only locally, but also on the state and national levels. There are a lot of critical issues out there that need our attention.



Write in StClair for Va. Senate

Please consider writing in Donna Pluckett StClair as your Democratic choice for the 23rd Virginia Senate District in which Republican Steve Newman is running unopposed.

StClair is a retired educator. She taught ten years in the educational field as an English teacher. As a former educator, she understands the importance of advocating for support of students and schools, especially in rural areas. This is a practice she has done throughout her teaching career.

She is also a veteran. She served in the U.S. Army as a journalist and broadcaster. Active duty military members’ and veterans’ needs, and rights, are important to her. She will stand resolutely for programs that support the brave women and men who serve or have served our great nation.

As a progressive woman, she will also push to ensure equal rights for women. She understands the importance of creating better opportunities for females, especially since many are the sole bread-winners of households. She knows that women today fully participate in some of the most daring and risky professions — from spacewalking to firefighting to commercial fishing — and they prove their equality every single day, often, however, without equal opportunity and pay.

It’s not a democracy if there’s only one name on the ballot, so let’s add another. Don’t settle for Newman when you can have a “New Woman”!



Reelect Bennington in Bedford

I served along side Julie Bennington for 10 years on the Bedford County School Board during some pretty tough years in which our budget was cut by the state and the county with difficult decisions to be made.

She was always an advocate for the students and teachers in Bedford County and putting their interest first. She takes the time to ask lots of questions by all parties involved in an issue and does through research to make sure she is working towards what will best serve the students in the county. She worked tirelessly to get the new Liberty Middle School built, along with the gym at Liberty High School and now the addition at Forest Middle School.

She has been recognized by the Virginia School Board Association for all her efforts to learn what other districts are successfully doing and seeing how those ideas could be brought into Bedford County. She worked to bring step increases back to our teachers and to reduce class sizes while best preparing the students in the county for life after high school.

Please reelect Bennington for District 5 on the Bedford County School Board on Nov. 5.



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