Hairston for Bedford school post

I had the privilege of working under Georgia Hairston for 11 years of my teaching career, while she was the principal at Otter River Elementary.

She is a top-notch lady who deeply cares about her teachers and students. She’s always had the best interest of her students, staff and building in mind in every decision she made. She taught me so much in the time that I worked for her and helped me to grow into the teacher I am today.

This a lady who dreamed of being a teacher and touching children’s lives from a very young age. She dedicated decades to educating, mentoring and serving as an administrator right here in Bedford County. She will do what is right, honest, and fair for our children and schools. What better person to serve on the School Board than someone who has spent so many years serving our schools? If anyone knows what our school system needs, it’s Hairston!

She wasn’t just my “boss,” she truly is my friend. If you are in District 5, please vote her Nov. 5 for the Bedford County School Board.



America deserves better

I write as an ultra-conservative Republican who is utterly and completely ashamed and embarrassed by the unhinged, crude, irresponsible petulant child that we have in the White House. Third World dictators show more class and statesmanship than does Donald Trump.

I apologize, America, for the fact that I voted for this madman once. For the Republican Party to allow this narcissistic lunatic to be our standard bearer again is incredulous. It is putting party over people and principles. While I’m at it, the Democrats are no better. Again, it’s about power and winning.

What is being done for the American people? Republicans and Democrats are equally divisive and leading this country to a civil war. The hate and vitriol being spewed from both sides is appalling. The two sides are encouraging us to hate each other, and we are buying into it. Everyone is mad at everyone and we don’t even know why.

America’s statesmen of old must be asking themselves, “What did we do it for?” Why are we trashing this once great and noble nation. Where has our goodness, morality, humility and dignity gone? It has been buried by our corrupt, self serving politicians. There is no longer any concept of “One nation under God.”

May God in his grace and mercy bring us back from the brink of destroying ourselves.

And still, I remain “always on the right.”



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