Council, think of us seniors please

Last month I received my usual reminder: Lynchburg garbage decals due again. To my surprise, though, the fee had increased by $15. Why?

My service is the same; my garbage is picked up once a week. My question is: When the city decided on this whopping increase, did they even give the senior citizens a thought? I am on a fixed (very small) income, as I know a large percentage of our residents are. I’m sure some of us could get “freebies,” but we “bite” the bullet and borrow form Peter to pay Paul. None of my other bills decrease, so that extra $15 is just one more extra burden on seniors like me.

Oh well, enough said.

I do hope that in the future, when the powers that be decide on raising fees and such, they will give some thought to the seniors, some of us have worked most of our years right here in Lynchburg.



Newspaper showed no integrity

There is a lack of integrity in printing a letter to the editor such as the one The News & Advance printed Oct. 2 from Thomas Smedley, denigrating a man who has just entered terminal cancer treatment.

Sounds as he has a personal, political issue with former Gov. Jerry Baliles, and you helped him vomit it out on the Opinion page in your newspaper.

Shame on you!



The depths of deepness

“Deep Throat” led to the “Deep State” which dumped the “Deep Doo Doo” we find ourselves wallowing in today.

Have we reached hell’s bedrock, or is the worst yet to come?

May we fall into a collective “Deep Sleep” and wake to find it was all but a dream.



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